A Look at Some Possible New Names for Babies

In light of all the new, odd, different, hard-to-pronounce names that some of the celebrities are coming up with these days, my co-workers and I were thinking up some new ones as well.  We think they’re very unique and are rather catchy baby names.

There could, however, be a lawsuit if someone did actually name their child one of these names.  Well, take a look for yourself:

Cialis:  “That kid has such a hard head!”  “He’s always happy, always up.”  “I don’t know what makes him bang things like that!”  “That boy is always ready and up for anything.”

Ambien:  “She is such a sweet, laid-back child.”  “Why, she has slept all night from the first day we brought her home.”  

Lunesta:  “She floats around without a care in the world.”  “I’ve never had a problem with her naps.”  

Darvon:  “That child hurts himself all the time and never cries!”  “He has a great pain tolerance.”

So can anybody come up with some more?  We had a ball today doing some ad lib on conversations about certain named babies.


… as the day is long

summer evening

The days are getting longer.  I like that.  The light continues for evening working in the yard, walks around town, sitting on the porch, and chatting to the neighbors.  Funny.  The way our lives are relegated by the minutes.

Have you ever thought about how relative life is?  The long and short of our days depending on the circumstances?  “Today has flown by.”  “Will this day ever end?”

My life, your life, transfixed on the minute minute or the malingering minute, those that rush by and those that seem to hang there forever.

The minute.

Sit down and try these examples.  Set a timer, get out a new puzzle or a cross-word book or a book you are loving to read.  Do that activity for only one minute.  Now set the timer again, balance on one leg or sit absolutely still or hold your arms raised out to the side.

Amazing how fast or slow a minute can be.

Enjoy your quick minutes, my friends.  Spend several of them getting to know the Triune God, getting to know your children, getting to know your spouse, getting to know your parents, getting to know your friends, siblings, neighbors.  Delight in those minutes that you can walk and talk and think and see and breathe well and hear.  Love those minutes when you can love those who love you… and those who don’t.  Create and sing and write and express and become in those minutes that you are given inspiration.

And for you in those long minutes of life, take comfort in knowing that this minute, too, will pass.

When I Grow Up…

the future Hula dancer

My little granddaughter is just getting such a personality.  If you’ve read any of my blogs about the girls, you know how she can pretend.  She loves to have tea parties, and since she has found the Hawaiian goodies, she is planning the Hawaiian party.  She had to run around the neighborhood showing off her cool outfit.

okay. so maybe I just wanted to show off my beautiful pink flowers in this pic.

Kate says her boyfriend and she ran into each other on the playground and she fell down and skinned her leg.  “It’s not Logan.  I quit him so Noah could be my boyfriend.”  

She’s in kindergarten!  It’s hard keeping a straight face.

Today she was telling Mike about her leg and running into her boyfriend (he cracked up too). I said, “Is it still Noah, or is it Logan?”  “It’s still Noah; I’m not done with him yet.”

Oh, boys, look out.  Oh, men, look out.  When she grows up, just better look out!

Pharmaceutical Companies Kiss My ….

Have you ever tried to open one of these:

blister pack

This is now what my AllegraD comes in.  The next-to-impossible-to-open blister pack!  Before deregulating them, I could go to the pharmacy and get them in a nice, big, brown bottle that had a lid that opened very easily.  So every morning I just shook one out in my hand and popped it in my mouth.  Allergies, be gone!

But, now, because of some greedy scheme (I’m sure) by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, allergy medicine such as AllegraD is so-called over the counter.  That is, after you have given them your driver’s license for I.D. and signed a paper stating you are buying this not-controlled substance.


And, now, because the just-peel-off-the-back-and-push-out-the-pill blister packs are impossible to peel off and next to impossible to then push through, I don’t take my AllegraD like I should.  Thus causing the cough that I am now experiencing.

This weekend I will have to set aside a time to get the scissors and cut out the pills and put them in my good old brown container.

Glad I saved it!

And, pharmaceutical companies, kiss my lily-white…      (cough, hack, cough)  Pardon me.

I’m Getting a BB Gun!

stinking bird

The point of the picture above is not to show you how yucky the solar cover looks or how in need of repair the slide is.  It is to show you the stinking bird!

These stinking birds, which I think are starlings, have decided the pool is their big bird bath or party place.  Not only do they wake me up at 4:00 a.m., they crap all over the place (no, not the same ones that crapped on me).  Which reminds me.  I’ve had two near misses.

What is going on here?  I feel like I’m in the movie The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock.  That was the scariest movie!  I still think about that movie and only watched it once decades ago.  I got poop bombed on Easter, and ever since I have had bird episodes (along with my falling and hurting myself, of course).

The other day as I was walking through the parking lot a big splat of bird dung landed right beside me.  I was in an open parking lot.  And it lands right beside me?  Yesterday as I was sitting on the back step watching the girls in the pool and wishing I had a BB gun to shoot those stinking birds that were lighting on the solar cover, not two inches away was another big splat of you guessed it:  bird doodoo.

Now, I suppose I should be happy that the bird caca (bet you had no idea there were so many shyttie words out there, did you?) did not land on me again, but that only  makes me live in fear of the potential next hit.  I know they are toying with me, keeping me off guard.

So I am going to fight back.  This week I am going to get a BB gun.  And I will delightfully scoop their dead bodies off the solar cover.

Due to the fact that they eat mosquitoes, these, however, may stay:

red birds, martins

blue bird