When I Grow Up…

the future Hula dancer

My little granddaughter is just getting such a personality.  If you’ve read any of my blogs about the girls, you know how she can pretend.  She loves to have tea parties, and since she has found the Hawaiian goodies, she is planning the Hawaiian party.  She had to run around the neighborhood showing off her cool outfit.

okay. so maybe I just wanted to show off my beautiful pink flowers in this pic.

Kate says her boyfriend and she ran into each other on the playground and she fell down and skinned her leg.  “It’s not Logan.  I quit him so Noah could be my boyfriend.”  

She’s in kindergarten!  It’s hard keeping a straight face.

Today she was telling Mike about her leg and running into her boyfriend (he cracked up too). I said, “Is it still Noah, or is it Logan?”  “It’s still Noah; I’m not done with him yet.”

Oh, boys, look out.  Oh, men, look out.  When she grows up, just better look out!

3 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. Kate is such a doll in these pictures! She comes by it honestly – the “pretending” I mean. She has an older cousin that was “Michael Jackson” for a part of his life, a younger cousin that has and still is every hero character that is out there, And….she has an aunt that grew up playing pretend mommy, pretend anything. It makes the heart lite, it makes good memories, and it is fun 🙂 I love you Kate!


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