About aaa

It’s not just about cooking while wearing an apron.  It’s …

“I feel like a butterfly in a cocoon breaking out into light.  And I want to do everything!” ~~ Me

“You know I have an appetite…for life, for God, for family; I have Grandma Pauline’s apron and my own from the ranch” ~~ Paula

“I love this story.” ~~ Addie

“Aprons aren’t just for keeping clothes protected… they’re all about personalities, life situations, and love.”~~Me

“Brenda, this is going to be so much fun!!!” ~~ Gail

“I have my apron on and ready for your recipe of words.” ~~ Gayla

“I had big plans of inviting different friends over to sample all the different dishes…  I wanted more than trying all the recipes.  I wanted… well, life.” ~~ Me

“I love to eat, cook, and I have two aprons. Both are suspect.” ~~ David

To get the full picture, I have to send you way back to my very first blog “Just the beginning!”

5 thoughts on “About aaa

  1. Love your blog and you haven’t changed one bit since school{that’s a good thing}! My granny Patton always wore a apron and every time i see a apron i think of her. Thanks for reminding me of Granny! Debbie


  2. Hey YOU! Yes, YOUI!!! Nominated for a Versatle Blogger Award among 15..by me…Link is http://whenquiet.wordpress.com
    Jan 2012 Power in the pen, magic in the grin, inevitable, a win
    Tried to send you the news via your email address but it came back..
    Anyway, Congrats!!¨Now honeychile, I am going to snooze…..it is 2 a.m.—my husband thinks I am loco…..he asks, “Where is the money for all the effort?” I answer, “I will drink no wine before it’s time!”


  3. I miss my mom corn bread dressings, her baked goods her zest for entertaining and the belief that you can always give your best- I will post a pic when I figure out how

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