A Serendipitous Epiphany

Now and again I have a wonderful serendipity.  And very rarely it coincides with a fantastic epiphany.  Actually, I could probably count on one hand the serendipitous epiphanies that have occurred.  I blogged about one epiphanic moment already.

But the one episode of a fantastic epiphany that I remember as though it were yesterday occurred many, many years ago when my children were young.  It was during the time of year when all the leaves were off the big elm tree right outside my bedroom window, leaving it naked and exposed.  As I sat on my bed worrying about my children, for whatever reason I had to worry at the time, and praying about them, I got out my Bible and began to thumb through it, reading a Scripture here and a Scripture there.

And there it was.  In black and white.  Written from ages ago.  A piece of wisdom so important it should be recorded in the Word.

“Children are stupid.”

OHMYGOSH!!!  I remember looking up at the naked elm tree and thinking, “That’s right.  Children are stupid.”  They act the way they do because they are just plain old downright stupid.  Why else are we instructed to train them up in the way they should go?  How else can one explain some of the really stupid things they do?  Especially the very nanosecond that the parent has told them not to do it.  

The relief from that epiphany was profound!  The giddiness of realization in that serendipity was almost euphoric!

Although I have looked and searched and searched and looked through the Bible, different versions, I have never been able to find those words ever again.

Was that an epiphany just for me?  A serendipity moment with God? All I am absolutely certain of, it was a moment I will never forget.

Birthday Boy

Tuesday, January 29, is Steve’s birthday.  I don’t think I should tell his age.Double-Nickel


So  I will instead show you a picture of when he was very young.  I’m sure he will not mind this at all.

Steve age 14

There are a few things he still has to learn about me.  And when he does… I will remind him of the better or worse vow.

Making Vows

Happy New Year 2013

Last month, as most of you know, I married Steve.  We made vows to one another.  And we put inscriptions inside our rings that we didn’t let one another know until the ceremony.  So in the pictures on the left and the right are as we are putting on the rings and telling the inscriptions.  Good stuff.  I almost forgot mine!  Had to start over!

Yesterday was our one month anniversary.  I had mentioned to Steve  last week that it was coming up and what was he going to get me.  Can you say freaked out!?!  His mind was racing about what kind of gift a person gets their spouse for a one-month anniversary.

I love doing things like that.

After giving him a few seconds of pure panic, I told him I had his all picked out, knew just what I was getting him.  His eyes were huge!!!  At that point I couldn’t hold it together any longer and told him what his was.  You are not privy to that little tidbit of knowledge, but he was very relieved that he didn’t have to go out and purchase a gift.  And lest you let your mind get in the gutter… it was something as benign as tickling a child’s back.

Beginning the new year always sets our minds in motion for making vows we want to keep throughout the year.  My friend, Jodi Duncan,  an awesome flower gal, has a blog/website (it’s in my blogroll on the right) with the perfect quote for beginning the year:

quote blank pageThis year I am vowing to write some better quality material for my blog, some stuff that takes a little research, that is close to my heart; as well as write some of the same stuff: family, tidbits, and, of course, food!

The cooking abounds around here.  I should have been documenting this with pictures because it has come out beautifully although one was a recipe from the back of the lasagna box instead of my saved, valuable magazine recipes.  Maybe I should put them in a safe?  And there was the beef roast that I doctored up a bit that came out great… along with the gravy!!  The pecan pie was eaten in two days as were the apple dumplings.  Pecan pie recipe came from the Karo syrup bottle and the apple dumplings came from this neat little book on apples that I have although I just used Pillsbury rolled pie dough.

My Bible is out and so are one of the numerous Bible study books that I have.  This year I am going to do at least some of them.  There are other vows as well that I won’t go into detail about because, well, you should all have some of your own.  So far I am keeping them, working toward them in baby steps.

Vows are good.  Especially when we adhere to them, give them the importance they deserve in our hearts and minds.

Did you make any vows this year?  Pledge to do something, not do something?

The Schwinn

The Schwinn

Ain’t she a beauty?!?!  The HHH (Hilton Head Hogbottoms) brought this down to me last night for a little bridal shower my sister asked me to host for myself.  I thought that was a little strange.  Maybe something new they were doing nowadays.  Those shower thingies are always changing in the way they’re done, so I said, sure, ya’ll come.

IMG_6901So I washed and even pressed the tablecloth; got out the cute girlie dishes I had purchased forever ago and had never used; got out my super dainty super fragile tea cups and dishes as well.  Out came the Gooseberry Patch Tea Time Book for a great egg salad recipe.  It has lots of good ideas, but I only had time for the egg salad (which was very tasty I might add).  Next came the Savannah Bee Winter White honey.  All I can say is order it now before it’s gone.  We ate half a jar of the tallest they sell which is small but still quite a bit of honey for only four of the HHHes.  I’m fairly certain it’s not a year-round item; that it’s only available certain times of the year.

waiting on the ladies

waiting on the ladies

Since my paper napkins were just so darned cute, I opted to use them instead of the normal cloth ones.  After all, the HHHes weren’t really going to care.  It’s more about the dresses and the hats.

the gals in their finery

the gals in their finery

Every once in awhile the little girl in us just has a conniption fit to come out and play, so we drag out any of our old or new fancy dresses and shoes or go to the Goodwill and buy us a brand-spankin’ used new one.  I have a variety of vintage hats, a couple of newer ones, and some gloves.  We doody up with make-up and jewels and get together for some girl/woman talk and fun.

We drink delicious hot tea with the grounds caught in a silver tea strainer as it goes into the cup and eat yummy tea sandwiches or other concoctions on fancy little crackers.

having tea with some of my best friends

having tea with some of my best friendsthe

It’s fantastic!!

So when I saw who I thought was Matilda Hogbottom riding a bicycle down the road toward the house, I couldn’t imagine what in the world was going on.  Darla had come to the door and said, “Come on out here, you’ve got to see the girls.”  Were they lined up along the drive or what?  I was expecting four of them.  There was Terah and Darla in all their finery, but where was Geri (turns out she had an emergency) and Lisa?  That’s when I saw Matilda riding her bike down the dark road.  Perplexed does not even come close to what I was feeling… but I knew it was going to be good.



Turns out it wasn’t Matilda at all but her alter ego Lisa!  And she was on one of those beach bikes I have been coveting ever since the Hilton Head trip last year when I rode all over the place on one of them.  I forced all the gals (all but Geri; she stood firm) to rent one, and we rode on the beach, all over.  It was great, so they’re all in (except for Geri) this summer to get one and ride again.  On one of the bike excursions we ran into the guy who owns them and asked where to buy one because I was definitely going to get me one. Loaded with the information I got on the internet and drooled all over the computer looking at them before I came to the conclusion that I couldn’t justify buying it.  After all, I have a good bike albeit skinny wheels, hand brakes, nothing like the one I was coveting.

And here was Lisa riding one!!  To the fancy bridal shower!!  I was so shocked and excited for her that it never dawned on me that it was rather odd her riding that bike to my house (of course they had let her out just a block up the street).  “Lisa!  You got one of those bikes!” Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Turns out that wonderful bike was for me!  They had been planning it ever since last July while we were still on the island, while I was still going on and on about going to get me one of those, while I was riding all over the place on the rental.  My bridal shower gift!!

getting ready to try the little baby out

getting ready to try the little baby out


As much as I love that bike, I love my Hilton Head gals so much more.  They are the bomb… especially with a french roll!

elegant french rolls

elegant french rolls

I am a blessed woman!  Thank you HHH gals!!

I am a blessed woman! Thank you HHH gals!!


Today is Stew Day

No, there’s not a lot of cooking going on today.  Just a mixture of stuff to do all thrown in together.  A stew day: things to finish from yesterday, some stuff needing to be done today, a couple of phone calls, a bit of mail, whatever else I can find that needs to be thrown into the “to do” pot.

Like making a post on my poor, neglected blog.  It gets to be first because at the moment it’s in the wee morning hours which makes me want a quiet, reflective project.  I’ve been blogging for quite a while now, sporadically these last months, this last year… which means, I have been blogging about two years now.  Is that right?  I guess so.  A goal I set and reached!!



My Christmas mice were back in 2010, I believe.  My first cooking project, so to speak.  To read about the adorable (yuck) little creatures, type “mice” into the search box on the right side.  Or any other topic you might be curious about.  It’s a bit of a hodgepodge blog.

A lot has happened in those two years:  a new baby in the family, a marriage, a son still battling with drug addiction and back to prison, divorce, job changes, good memories as well as things that break the heart.  Just to name a few.

In starting out my new year, my third year to blog, what should I write about?  What should I say that would be of any interest to anyone but me?

It’s a stew day; a stew blog.  An aprons and appetites kind of post:  some memories that make me hungry to know the rest of the story; some memories that make me wipe my eyes with tears of sadness and tears from laughter.  A time to throw my apron over my head and talk to God as Susannah Wesley used to do:  thank Him, petition Him, praise Him.

I’m wondering what kind of memories people made this year, whether intentional or perchance, whether wonderful or distressful.  Were you all happy this past year?  Were you heart-broken?  What are your plans this year?

My sis is planning a big family vacation to Disney at the end of the year.  Good plans.  Good memories.

I am planning on remodeling my bathroom.  Somehow, that just doesn’t sound quite as much fun.