… as the day is long

summer evening

The days are getting longer.  I like that.  The light continues for evening working in the yard, walks around town, sitting on the porch, and chatting to the neighbors.  Funny.  The way our lives are relegated by the minutes.

Have you ever thought about how relative life is?  The long and short of our days depending on the circumstances?  “Today has flown by.”  “Will this day ever end?”

My life, your life, transfixed on the minute minute or the malingering minute, those that rush by and those that seem to hang there forever.

The minute.

Sit down and try these examples.  Set a timer, get out a new puzzle or a cross-word book or a book you are loving to read.  Do that activity for only one minute.  Now set the timer again, balance on one leg or sit absolutely still or hold your arms raised out to the side.

Amazing how fast or slow a minute can be.

Enjoy your quick minutes, my friends.  Spend several of them getting to know the Triune God, getting to know your children, getting to know your spouse, getting to know your parents, getting to know your friends, siblings, neighbors.  Delight in those minutes that you can walk and talk and think and see and breathe well and hear.  Love those minutes when you can love those who love you… and those who don’t.  Create and sing and write and express and become in those minutes that you are given inspiration.

And for you in those long minutes of life, take comfort in knowing that this minute, too, will pass.

8 thoughts on “… as the day is long

  1. Hey, wise one , we should all adhere to this advice, because as time goes by the minutes are precious with family, friends, or just being in this wonderful world God has created for us.


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