Lake Superior

As I stand at the shore of this huge lake, I see no end.  Where is the shore on the other side?  Where is the end?  Or maybe this is the end.  Maybe I am standing at the end and the beginning is somewhere… over there.

The shore is rough and bumpy and hurts my toes.  The waves are choppy and keep me from enjoying what could be a fun day.  And, too, the depth of the lake is unknown.  How deep is it?  And what kind of undercurrents are there?

No.  I am not standing on the shores of Lake Superior.  But I do stand at the shore of Lake Superiority.

The arrogance of man will be brought low and human pride humbled…   Isaiah 2:17

superior 1The other day I had this thought… about someone… that made me instantly feel like a jerk.  And God placed on my heart all these thoughts of the way people sometimes feel superior to others.  So that started me thinking along those lines.

Our thoughts of superiority are like that big, cold lake up north of me.  They ruin how I can relate to someone because I have already decided I’m better in some form or fashion.  They have ruined what could have been a fun relationship, an enjoyable friendship.  superiority 2

The problem with standing on the shores of Lake Superiority is anybody could come along that makes us think some superior thought: family, friends, co-workers, older-than-us people, younger-than-us people, those-who-look-different…  the list is as long and wide as the view from shore.  Then, when anybody comes along, anything can happen:  Some kind of remark; some sort of utterance or look.

And what were my thoughts that caused all this thinking?  They were about someone older than myself.  I can remember back when I was in my 30s thinking thoughts about an older lady… and now that older lady is me: the exact same replica of the one I had felt superior to so many years previous.

And sooner than I like to think, I will be sitting in the shoes of the person I felt a smidge superior to just the other day.

Luke 1:51  New International Version (NIV)

51 He has performed mighty deeds with his arm;
    he has scattered those who are proud in their inmost thoughts.

The shore has a beginning and an ending.  Right here.  In me.