Saying Goodbye Again

Mike’s favorite place: roaming God’s earth
Porch sitting and visiting with family was a priority
Building a rock sculpture
We had to sneak pictures usually

Michael Joseph Rutherford (Mike, Mikey, Mikey Joe) departed this earth on the first day of spring, the time for new beginnings, March 20, 2022, to start his own new beginning with Jesus the Christ.  He joins his grandparents and his cousin, Keely, to begin his new life of immense joy and love, full of peace and the glory of God.  He was born April 14, 1985.  He leaves behind his dad and mom, Benny and Anne Rutherford; his sister and brother-in-law, Benna and Jason Williams; his niece and nephew, Charlotte and Henry Williams.  He leaves behind aunts and uncles and cousins and friends.  He leaves behind a huge hole in the hearts of all these people as well as a huge void in the earth’s beauty.

Mike loved this earth; he loved to explore its depths in caves; he loved to walk its grassy fields as well as the forests among the solitude of trees; he loved to kayak its waters with or without the accompaniment of companions.  He loved to listen to its waterfalls and leave gifts of rock sculptures for hikers to find and be awed.  He loved to share these adventures with anyone who was interested in going with him.

He loved giving big, warm, all-encompassing hugs; he loved giving out joy through his beautiful smile that had I love you all over it and spilled onto whoever was the lucky recipient.  He loved sharing books, plants, ideas, work, game-playing, porch swing-sitting, dancing.  He loved yoga and was an awesome yoga instructor.  And he loved his family the most, from the smallest cousin to the oldest aunt and uncle.  He never wanted to miss a family gathering, and he never stopped talking about his niece and nephew.  He was a great uncle.  

He was a most unique individual who loved to give unique and personal gifts.  He was intelligent and witty.   

And he will be missed beyond measure.

4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye Again

  1. He came from one of the largest loving extended farmless that I know. I remember grandpa Joe, The family will welcome him in heaven, with joy. I send love and prayers to all.


  2. Always enjoyed that big smile of pearly whites that greeted me every time he picked up his “18 pepperoni pizza with extra sauce. Always the same every time I saw him. Will miss him. I pray for peace for your family as you continue to heal from so many losses. Love reading your stuff Brenda always tugs at my heart stings ❤️🙏🏻


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