A Look at Some Possible New Names for Babies

In light of all the new, odd, different, hard-to-pronounce names that some of the celebrities are coming up with these days, my co-workers and I were thinking up some new ones as well.  We think they’re very unique and are rather catchy baby names.

There could, however, be a lawsuit if someone did actually name their child one of these names.  Well, take a look for yourself:

Cialis:  “That kid has such a hard head!”  “He’s always happy, always up.”  “I don’t know what makes him bang things like that!”  “That boy is always ready and up for anything.”

Ambien:  “She is such a sweet, laid-back child.”  “Why, she has slept all night from the first day we brought her home.”  

Lunesta:  “She floats around without a care in the world.”  “I’ve never had a problem with her naps.”  

Darvon:  “That child hurts himself all the time and never cries!”  “He has a great pain tolerance.”

So can anybody come up with some more?  We had a ball today doing some ad lib on conversations about certain named babies.


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