It’s a Bust

Doggone it!!!!

It’s a bust on the boots.  This was the last pair given away.

Old Gringo Women's Sora boot

Old Gringo Women’s Sora boot

You can go to Country Outfitter to check these sweet babies out.  I had no idea there were so many cool boots!

Guess I’ll mosey on over to see about the See candy since I sucked with Ree.

Waiting to be First

Corral Embroidery boots

Corral Embroidery boots

If I stay up until midnight, I can be No. 1 in the line-up to win these boots.  There are only two days left.  This is Day 11, and Pioneer Woman has only Twelve Days of Boot Give-aways!  So I will once again be putting my name in the please-gimme-pot.

Not just Ree’s pot.  But See’s as well.  My favorite candy of all time!!!  They are giving away candy FOR LIFE!

See's candy

See’s candy

I’m hyperventilating!  Candy FOR LIFE!  I love Mrs. See.

Which would I want?  Boots?  Candy?

Being the greedy person I am, I want both.  If I had to choose?

I’ll take the candy, please.



IMG_6754It’s Steve’s fault I am down here in the basement reading my favorite blogs:  putting my name in the running for a really cool pair of cowboy boots on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, catching up on little EK from Chronicles of a  Rocket Surgeon, salivating all over my computer at the cookies and pies Pink Martinis has been making, finding out new stuff and different opinions.  After seeing all the catchy titles, I’m now thinking I should change the name of my little effort at a blog.  Hmmmmmm.

All this thinking this late at night is Steve’s fault!!  He let me lie there this evening after supper in that big cushioned recliner all snuggled up next to him, warm and cozy, and sleep!  Probably for two hours.  He knows I can’t sleep if I do that.

Yep.  His fault.

Making the Most of Snow Days

My daughter came over and tried her hand at photography.  She didn’t do a bad job for someone who never takes pictures.  A few details were missed:  the strap on my dress, a head turn here or there.  But all in all, she did a great job.

I had this big idea for some Christmas pictures.  And it was a pretty great idea, too.  Here.  See for yourself.

I just know this is a great idea!

getting the boots off

I know this is a great idea!

I know this is a great idea!

All set with matching dresses

All set with matching dresses

Darn that strap

Darn that strap

A great pic -- except for that stinking strap!

A great pic — except for that stinking strap!

that is cold

preparing for the red nails in white snow pic

We  were supposed to have our red-painted fingernails in the snow beside each other.

Mmmmmm.  It needs work.  My butt needs to be smaller, and we definitely have to work on the hand placement.  I can’t believe Kate is acting like she can barely stand to put her hands on the snow.  She has been out in it for days!  Loving it!  Sledding, eating snow, throwing snow balls.  She did have on gloves, though.

It was a great thought

perhaps the planning was a tad flawed

Then we tried for the red toenails.  Kate, who is the hot potato, never gets cold, runs around with shorts all winter, was acting like she was freezing!  Normally she is one tough cookie… especially when it comes to cold!  I never know about that girl anymore.  She’s seven going on 17.  BooHissBoo

Actually it wasn't too bad.

Actually it wasn’t too bad.

We had fun sticking our toes in the snow.

Maybe we’ll try again on the next snow storm.