Today I am thankful that I have finally, and I say it again, finally, figured out how to get my brand spankin’ new MacBook Air that only can access the internet through Wifi to actually access the internet.  I am going to get a router.  Tomorrow.  Only because I don’t feel like doing it tonight… even if anything was open to get it.

MacBook Air

For the past several months I have been trying to get my court reporting software on this Mac computer.  First, I put on Parallels so I could add Windows since my software runs on windows.  Great!!  Get to transcribing notes!  But, no.  After a call to Stenograph, which I should have done first before I bought a computer, I found out that Parallels doesn’t work with my software.  Windows needs to be put on through Bootcamp.

This week is the week!  After I get the router, then the Windows.  An update coming soon.