My upcoming router trip

Today I am thankful that I have finally, and I say it again, finally, figured out how to get my brand spankin’ new MacBook Air that only can access the internet through Wifi to actually access the internet.  I am going to get a router.  Tomorrow.  Only because I don’t feel like doing it tonight… even if anything was open to get it.

MacBook Air

For the past several months I have been trying to get my court reporting software on this Mac computer.  First, I put on Parallels so I could add Windows since my software runs on windows.  Great!!  Get to transcribing notes!  But, no.  After a call to Stenograph, which I should have done first before I bought a computer, I found out that Parallels doesn’t work with my software.  Windows needs to be put on through Bootcamp.

This week is the week!  After I get the router, then the Windows.  An update coming soon.

2 thoughts on “My upcoming router trip

  1. I love the sleekness almost sinful look of MacBook. But the exact kind of problems you are describing is what keeps me at bay. I’ve always been convinced that Bill Gates is the Anti-Christ and his Windows employees are his evil minions. The stupid software is just the lesser of evils.


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