The Birth of Radio Shaq!!!

Well, the router trip turned into a USB trip.  That was successful!  (Somersaults, jumping up and down, yelling wildly)  My beloved RadioShack had a thingie with a USB on one end and an ethernet connection on the other.  So I bought the little darling for around $25.00 (worth every penny) and brought it home to marry my new Mac to the internet.  There was consummation of the marriage between them, and I have been deliriously happy ever since.

Today they are giving birth to a brand new blog post in their honor and named after the one who brought them together.  Little Radio Shaq is singing the praises of its godparent,


RadioShack, for getting me connected.  And this evening when I get home, I am going to try to get my software up and running via the downloads that I could not download previously.

🎵RadioShack…I think I love you.🎵

And so does little Radio Shaq!

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