The Resurrection of Mac

The Mac is alive!!!  Kyle, my go-to friend who can figure out any and all computer problems, has succeeded in reviving it.  Not only has he got the Mac working like a Mac, but he has also got the Windows for my court reporting software working properly.  Now… I have to reinstall that software.  Hmmm.  Wonder if I should just take it over to the master or try to do it myself.

Tommi, the tower, has slowed down, again, as though she reflects her owner’s stamina.  Jerk.  Just let her try that after I’ve got my Zumba routine down and am moving around like a young IPad, whipping all over the place with all those apps.   The other laptop, Lenny, won’t get on the internet for some reason.  I thought it was the internet server having problems until I plugged it in to Mac.  He works just fine.  So… it must be something wrong with Lenny’s (Lenovo) insides.  I had tried to delete some stuff from the major gut place, and thought that had totally messed him up, but blessed Kyle fixed it.  And Len worked okay until I upgraded Firefox.  How could something that simple keep me from getting on the internet at all?!

I am almost back to being thankful.

The decline of thanksgiving, namely mine

Grrrr.  And grrrrr.  Where has my dedication to being thankful the whole month of November gone?  I have lost my grip and plunged head first into the “it-must-be-Christmas-time” bad attitude.  A thief has stolen my goodwill, my cheery outlook on life, my decision not to despair this season but instead be thankful for 30 days (they say that’s how long it takes to set a new habit), and to come out victorious in the face of the New Year.

The stinking thief lives in a very thin, silver box and costs waaaaay too much money.  That’s the only reason the stinking thief is still in my house today:  I waited waaaaay too long to decide I don’t know what the heck in Hades I’m doing with the thin, silver box, so it must stay because I can’t return the blankety-blank (insert really, really bad words here) thing.

It is, I know, operator error, operator stupidity, operator dumber-than-a-box-of-rocks-when-it-comes-to-computers, but I followed all the instructions (I thought) to the letter.  So why do I now have a blank screen on my disgusting I-so-hate-it Mac Air?

Because it’s possessed by a demon?  I think so.  Because the makers of this computer are too smart for their own good and like messing with people such as I?  Oh, yeah.

So, it’s now off to the friend who just fixed my tower (viruses that came right through the McAfee) to see what he can do with the devil.

I only hope he is still sane the next time I talk to him.

The Birth of Radio Shaq!!!

Well, the router trip turned into a USB trip.  That was successful!  (Somersaults, jumping up and down, yelling wildly)  My beloved RadioShack had a thingie with a USB on one end and an ethernet connection on the other.  So I bought the little darling for around $25.00 (worth every penny) and brought it home to marry my new Mac to the internet.  There was consummation of the marriage between them, and I have been deliriously happy ever since.

Today they are giving birth to a brand new blog post in their honor and named after the one who brought them together.  Little Radio Shaq is singing the praises of its godparent,


RadioShack, for getting me connected.  And this evening when I get home, I am going to try to get my software up and running via the downloads that I could not download previously.

🎵RadioShack…I think I love you.🎵

And so does little Radio Shaq!

My upcoming router trip

Today I am thankful that I have finally, and I say it again, finally, figured out how to get my brand spankin’ new MacBook Air that only can access the internet through Wifi to actually access the internet.  I am going to get a router.  Tomorrow.  Only because I don’t feel like doing it tonight… even if anything was open to get it.

MacBook Air

For the past several months I have been trying to get my court reporting software on this Mac computer.  First, I put on Parallels so I could add Windows since my software runs on windows.  Great!!  Get to transcribing notes!  But, no.  After a call to Stenograph, which I should have done first before I bought a computer, I found out that Parallels doesn’t work with my software.  Windows needs to be put on through Bootcamp.

This week is the week!  After I get the router, then the Windows.  An update coming soon.