My Witch Heart Loves Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner.  I’m sure it is because everything has been out since, oh, July or so.  And Christmas is right behind it because there are Christmas shelves and shelves and shelves in the stores containing all sorts of decorations and toys.  If I blink my eyes, I’m sure to miss it.  It’s that close!!  Isn’t it?

I was at Cracker Barrel tonight and just couldn’t decide.  Do I buy Halloween stuff or Thanksgiving stuff or Christmas stuff.  I looked all over for Easter stuff but didn’t see any.  I am amazed at how much stuff Cracker Barrel can pack into that little store.  But it’s such cool stuff!

There was an enchanted broom (click on link to see pic) that follows people around.  I absolutely had to have it!!  I can hardly wait to scare the snot out of the little kids that come for Trick or Treat.  I love Halloween!

Sometimes I feel as though I shouldn’t, with all the emphasis put on the devil nowadays, but I do.  It’s probably my favorite holiday.  And the reason it’s my favorite holiday is because it’s just fun.  Everyone’s in a good mood, laughing and visiting as they walk the neighborhood, although the Trunk and Treat move is sort of destroying the whole Trick or Treat spirit.  Oh, I’m sure they have the same camaraderie as do the rest of us who sit in our yards or houses and wait for the princesses and ghouls and other various superheros and monsters to come by.  It was just so much fun as a kid to wander all over town and knock on those doors and say “Trick or Treat!”

Even though the other major holidays hold a deep meaning in my heart, they are usually fraught with the burden of buying gifts, the sadness of loved ones not around, the lonesomeness of those with no one close, or the hustle and bustle to “get ‘er done so we can move to the next stop.”  It saddens me that Christmas and Easter have become as pagan as Halloween once was hundreds of years ago.  So I will always love Halloween.  It gives me a chance to be a kid again while I enjoy the kids and their families that walk with them.

Up next:  pics of Halloween Past from the Byassee archives.

4 thoughts on “My Witch Heart Loves Halloween

  1. This witch also loves Halloween. But I am in South Korea now, and Halloween isn’t celebrated here. It is kind of driving me crazy. I haven’t had a single trick or treater or Halloween decorations in two years. T-T (making my own this year, cause I can’t buy any here)

    I love that broom and am tempted to order my mother or brother to go to Cracker Barrel and buy me one to have when I return to America. Actually I am going to do just that! LOL


  2. Halloween is my favorite time of the year. Mark and I scare the bejeebers (is this a word Brenda) out of all these little ones. We are gentle with the youngest! We plan for wks. Brenda, I never get bored with your blogs. From reading your enjoyable blogs, I conclude you are the bestest grandma and I wish you had been mine when I was little. I know whenever I have little grandbabies I will enjoy, enjoy so much! Also Brenda, from reading your blogs you are a brave lady that shares things that people need to feel. Awareness and compassion are two words that come to mind. Have a great day as I know you will.


  3. The kids all love coming to your house for the good treats, but more so for the tricks you play on them!!! Remember giving them those fake fingernails to slip on… told the kids they were “booger pickers!!!” I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and the new broom in action!!!! You’ll be our 1st stop!!!!


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