Yeah, I know.  The title of this blog sounds like a party that could be a little wild… and it probably does get wild.  I’ve never been to one, but since I love new experiences, I would love to be invited to one.


There is nothing like a good party.  If you’re the hostess, then it gets you all pumped up to clean house and cook.  If you’re the invitee, then it gets you all pumped up to look good and get out. 

This Reveal Party is just too neat.  Angel (she blogs Chronicles of a Rocket Surgeon) (click on her link to the right) was surprised with the great news that she is pregnant!  A big surprise to her and hubby.  So instead of finding out whether it is a girl or boy when they went to get the sonogram, they had the technician seal the pics in an envelope.  Angel then took the envelope to her friend who helped with the Reveal Party by taking it to a florist.  At the party, when Angel opened up the big box

Reveal Party box

out came these:

It's a girl!!

What fun!!  I can’t wait to be invited to one of these!  Hopefully, someone I know will be able to get that sonogram without peeking and then have a Reveal Party.