And the Winner is…

Bert's basket of good stuff

Yum!  Yum!!  This basket is filled with delicious food from my friend, Alberta:  home-made chicken noodle soup, two turkey sandwich halves, angel food cake with lemon sauce, and a clementine.  She knew I had been sick (forever it seems) and came to see about me and make sure I was still among the living.  I love her!

Bert feeds my cat, Bo, (and any other straggler I may be feeding at the time) when I am gone (or sends hubby to do it).  She comes by in the spring and yanks off all the blooms from the flowers before I can even make the word “Nooooooo!” come out of my mouth (I know it’s for their own good).

Bert and her wonderful hubby

I don’t think I can ever remember a time she didn’t do some little nice something every time she has stopped by my house.  She is a true, good friend, and I can depend on her with my life if I needed to do so.

and I may anyway

So… since I got no response to my potential give-away, (Coming Event: The Give-Away) I am assuming no one is interested in free stuff; free, cool stuff.  Since I know Bert likes free, cool stuff, and since she already participates in person, I think she will win the contest I am starting March 19 and will end March 27.

It will take place those dates because that’s when Rosemary and Maddy can help me pick out something really cool and soon to be really free!

21 thoughts on “And the Winner is…

  1. Oh yes…Bert is hard to beat. From her famous speghatti dinners and ‘dress up’ playdates when I was a little girl…to her famous stuffed tomatoes that I loved as a pre-teen…to her amazing Hawaiian Wedding Cookies (that she knows are my fave) that she made for my wedding just under 2 years ago…she is always dependable and always acts with love! We are blessed to have been graced with her presence in our lives!!!


  2. Love reading your blog, Brenda. I think your give-aways should be aprons and cookbooks. They go with the name of your blog. I haven’t seen Bert or you either for ever so long. I miss S’town.


    • Thank you for acknowledging my give-away, Sheryl!! We will have to get together this summer for a female fete. And I love the cookbook idea as well as the apron, but I’m going to come up with something I LOVE which may be one or both or neither of those things. 🙂


  3. OK – ok….I think you might need to run your give aways by me….because I may want them or it.
    Comment about Bert: never have seen another like her. I have been on vacation with her and it was an experience. I was out on the beach layed out in my chair and she delivers a sandwich cut perfectly with trimmings that made it so appealing, along with a few sides and of course the refreshing ice tea. I want to be just like her when I grow up. Love you Bert.


  4. O….BB…..I so want to be a part of your give away.
    but most of all I always want your friendship. Bert
    just outdoes us all with kindness. Cant beat her as
    a friend. So put my name in the hat and I will just
    take a wonderful fun night at your house with all the
    friends (old and new).


  5. Well, just how do we enter into this giveaway contest anyway? I want in!!!
    I remember once when a woman left Harmon’s and got in her car and went home.
    She came back shortly and said “These aren’t my groceries! You put the wrong groceries in my car!” to make a long story short, There were two identical cars….brand, color, everything. And believe it or not, she had the wrong car AND her key had started it!! It was soooooo weird!


  6. Bert was one of my dearest friends. And I lost her due to circumstances beyond my control , and I will be forever sorry for that. She is a wonderful person and I still love her and Ray.


  7. Of course, I’ve only met her a few times but she’s one of those women you “know” her good graces in an instant! So sweet & classy!


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