It’s a Bust

Doggone it!!!!

It’s a bust on the boots.  This was the last pair given away.

Old Gringo Women's Sora boot

Old Gringo Women’s Sora boot

You can go to Country Outfitter to check these sweet babies out.  I had no idea there were so many cool boots!

Guess I’ll mosey on over to see about the See candy since I sucked with Ree.

Waiting to be First

Corral Embroidery boots

Corral Embroidery boots

If I stay up until midnight, I can be No. 1 in the line-up to win these boots.  There are only two days left.  This is Day 11, and Pioneer Woman has only Twelve Days of Boot Give-aways!  So I will once again be putting my name in the please-gimme-pot.

Not just Ree’s pot.  But See’s as well.  My favorite candy of all time!!!  They are giving away candy FOR LIFE!

See's candy

See’s candy

I’m hyperventilating!  Candy FOR LIFE!  I love Mrs. See.

Which would I want?  Boots?  Candy?

Being the greedy person I am, I want both.  If I had to choose?

I’ll take the candy, please.


And the Free Stuff Goes To…


Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

Timestamp: 2012-01-11 14:12:55 UTC

There were only 7 that left a message, and, MARILYN, it was just not your lucky day at all. Your number didn’t even pop up!!!! Don’t let that stop you for the next contest, though. You may be the only number that pops up that day.

neat stuff

Your bag will be filled with an apron to remind you of apronsandappetites!  You also get a pair of matching rubber gloves.  I don’t know if your personality is the type that loves to clean or do dishes or scrape fish… or not.  The little chicken is an egg separator.  I can’t vouch for how well it separates the egg.  I think the egg has to be room temperature… or maybe cold… to do a good job.  You can figure it out.

Just a little taste of me:  a domesticated wild thang!!

Let’s Get This Party — er, Year Started!!

Enter today!!!

Nothing like starting the year out with a good thing: a contest!  I’ve rounded up some neat stuff to give away, just stuff that appealed to me and reflects my blog a little bit, that goes along with the personalities, life situations, and love blog persona.  And, of course, aprons and appetites!

All you have to do is comment on this post about your plans or goals for the year 2012.  Name one or name them all.  The contest ends next Tuesday.

And the Winner is…

Bert's basket of good stuff

Yum!  Yum!!  This basket is filled with delicious food from my friend, Alberta:  home-made chicken noodle soup, two turkey sandwich halves, angel food cake with lemon sauce, and a clementine.  She knew I had been sick (forever it seems) and came to see about me and make sure I was still among the living.  I love her!

Bert feeds my cat, Bo, (and any other straggler I may be feeding at the time) when I am gone (or sends hubby to do it).  She comes by in the spring and yanks off all the blooms from the flowers before I can even make the word “Nooooooo!” come out of my mouth (I know it’s for their own good).

Bert and her wonderful hubby

I don’t think I can ever remember a time she didn’t do some little nice something every time she has stopped by my house.  She is a true, good friend, and I can depend on her with my life if I needed to do so.

and I may anyway

So… since I got no response to my potential give-away, (Coming Event: The Give-Away) I am assuming no one is interested in free stuff; free, cool stuff.  Since I know Bert likes free, cool stuff, and since she already participates in person, I think she will win the contest I am starting March 19 and will end March 27.

It will take place those dates because that’s when Rosemary and Maddy can help me pick out something really cool and soon to be really free!