Coming Event: The Give-Away

the grand prize

One of my favorite blog sites,  Pink Martinis and Pearls , is having a Give-Away.  I have been having such a great time doing all the things she requested (well, actually solving the great computer mystery: how the heck do I do this?) that last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about what I was going to give away!  Lucky you!!

neat apron


You should at least show up on her doorstep and thank her for putting the idea in my head… better wait to see if the “prize” is worth it, I suppose.  Check around and you will see that one blogger has the most beautiful set of lamps, really nice, expensive lamps in her Give-Away.  I capitalize this because it is worthy of capitalization.  It will infuse you with excitement and anticipation and hopefully… more reader participation.


My quandary is what to give away and how to execute the give-away game.  (I do so love games.)

you WILL like it

I’ve been asking around at some of the blog sites, looking on line for ideas, and checking out the how-to sites.  I am so excited!!!

Any give-away ideas?

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