New Blog – New Theme Day

In my quest for just the right theme for my dear-to-me-yet-mostly-neglected blog in the last year or two, I am changing the theme (background and set-up of the page) about as often as I post a blog.  I want something clear and easy-to-read.

This one looks promising.


I WILL find the perfect theme!

It’s bright; it states the name and purpose of the blog well at the top; I kind of like the apron signature on the top left with my mission statement and AAA, etc., at the top so anyone curious can click on them to find out a little more about me.

I haven’t changed much or any since I started blogging, so no need to update.  Maybe I’ll swing by there to make sure.  Maybe I should put an updated photo, but I haven’t changed too much there either:  a few more wrinkles perhaps, a few extra pounds that will be gone by spring or sooner.

summer in a nutshell

               OOPS!  NOT ME!  MY DAUGHTER!             But isn’t she beautiful?

Keep going all the way to the bottom, and it very precisely and easily lets you leave a message–


— as well as gives you other sites to visit, “Tasty Tidbits,” or topics from which to choose to read, “Whet Your Appetite,” or how to subscribe to my blog.  Free.  You can subscribe to something for FREE!  Now isn’t that an incentive?cropped-cropped-blogger-bren-20111.jpg



Surfing Again

Too much surfing the net for posting a blog.  I catch all those waves of free stuff being given away, and I just have to click and roll with it.  So now I have landed on the shore of way-past-my-bedtime, and am leaving you all with this tidbit:

There is free stuff all over the place out there in Webville!

Here is a great site: 

Let the Game Begin!

Spring is here.  Sunday to be exact.  No more ice!  (Surely not!)

It’s time!  Time to start the giveaway!  This week I will be calling upon Rosemary and Maddy to help me find just the right “stuff” to put in the giveaway box.

The how-to-enter directions will be coming shortly.

Get excited!!!!!  Cool stuff!!  Free stuff!!

Do you have an appetite for fun?

And the Winner is…

Bert's basket of good stuff

Yum!  Yum!!  This basket is filled with delicious food from my friend, Alberta:  home-made chicken noodle soup, two turkey sandwich halves, angel food cake with lemon sauce, and a clementine.  She knew I had been sick (forever it seems) and came to see about me and make sure I was still among the living.  I love her!

Bert feeds my cat, Bo, (and any other straggler I may be feeding at the time) when I am gone (or sends hubby to do it).  She comes by in the spring and yanks off all the blooms from the flowers before I can even make the word “Nooooooo!” come out of my mouth (I know it’s for their own good).

Bert and her wonderful hubby

I don’t think I can ever remember a time she didn’t do some little nice something every time she has stopped by my house.  She is a true, good friend, and I can depend on her with my life if I needed to do so.

and I may anyway

So… since I got no response to my potential give-away, (Coming Event: The Give-Away) I am assuming no one is interested in free stuff; free, cool stuff.  Since I know Bert likes free, cool stuff, and since she already participates in person, I think she will win the contest I am starting March 19 and will end March 27.

It will take place those dates because that’s when Rosemary and Maddy can help me pick out something really cool and soon to be really free!

Coming Event: The Give-Away

the grand prize

One of my favorite blog sites,  Pink Martinis and Pearls , is having a Give-Away.  I have been having such a great time doing all the things she requested (well, actually solving the great computer mystery: how the heck do I do this?) that last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about what I was going to give away!  Lucky you!!

neat apron


You should at least show up on her doorstep and thank her for putting the idea in my head… better wait to see if the “prize” is worth it, I suppose.  Check around and you will see that one blogger has the most beautiful set of lamps, really nice, expensive lamps in her Give-Away.  I capitalize this because it is worthy of capitalization.  It will infuse you with excitement and anticipation and hopefully… more reader participation.


My quandary is what to give away and how to execute the give-away game.  (I do so love games.)

you WILL like it

I’ve been asking around at some of the blog sites, looking on line for ideas, and checking out the how-to sites.  I am so excited!!!

Any give-away ideas?