It’s a Bust

Doggone it!!!!

It’s a bust on the boots.  This was the last pair given away.

Old Gringo Women's Sora boot

Old Gringo Women’s Sora boot

You can go to Country Outfitter to check these sweet babies out.  I had no idea there were so many cool boots!

Guess I’ll mosey on over to see about the See candy since I sucked with Ree.

Waiting to be First

Corral Embroidery boots

Corral Embroidery boots

If I stay up until midnight, I can be No. 1 in the line-up to win these boots.  There are only two days left.  This is Day 11, and Pioneer Woman has only Twelve Days of Boot Give-aways!  So I will once again be putting my name in the please-gimme-pot.

Not just Ree’s pot.  But See’s as well.  My favorite candy of all time!!!  They are giving away candy FOR LIFE!

See's candy

See’s candy

I’m hyperventilating!  Candy FOR LIFE!  I love Mrs. See.

Which would I want?  Boots?  Candy?

Being the greedy person I am, I want both.  If I had to choose?

I’ll take the candy, please.



IMG_6754It’s Steve’s fault I am down here in the basement reading my favorite blogs:  putting my name in the running for a really cool pair of cowboy boots on the Pioneer Woman’s blog, catching up on little EK from Chronicles of a  Rocket Surgeon, salivating all over my computer at the cookies and pies Pink Martinis has been making, finding out new stuff and different opinions.  After seeing all the catchy titles, I’m now thinking I should change the name of my little effort at a blog.  Hmmmmmm.

All this thinking this late at night is Steve’s fault!!  He let me lie there this evening after supper in that big cushioned recliner all snuggled up next to him, warm and cozy, and sleep!  Probably for two hours.  He knows I can’t sleep if I do that.

Yep.  His fault.

Let’s Get This Party Started!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  Today is the BIG day(actually Friday; I’m late).  It’s been good.  Lots of happy wishes for good things, presents, and a give-away.

The give-away is a summer fun package with lots of summer “stuff” in it.  Here are some quick pics I hurriedly took of everything.

get tan the easy way

can be used to keep the tablecloth from flying away, close the chip bag, seal your husband's lips...

As I was leaving Walmart, the major source of the purchased items for the summer fun package, I ran into some friends from Ridgway who gave me a great idea.  The awesome little item was already in my cart, and when they saw it, they began telling me about a birthday tradition that went on for several years among their friends in Ridgway.  But wait.  That’s further down the blog.

these things are sooo much fun! keep it handy for those quick, necessary moments when you really need to let someone have it!

First, I must tell you how very appreciative I am of my faithful blog buddies.  I now have 41 subscribers!!!!  Yee-haw!!  That is great for my little mixed-up blog, my little blog with it’s personality as dorky as me, flitting from one subject to another from day to day.

You have all made me want to continue to keep it going.  Thanks so much for your support and feedback.

And the winner is… oh, wait a second.  I forgot to tell you how much fun I have shopping for you guys, how I know you would probably never buy some of these things and how I hope you enjoy them as much as you have helped me to enjoy this blog.

you know you're going to need these.

a handy tool, even in winter for those "older" women

This little guy below was the subject of the discussion in Walmart.  They would pass him around on somebody’s birthday.  If you were having a birthday that day, you knew that somewhere in your yard would be the gnome, the yard gnome.  The person receiving the gnome would put their name and birth date on him somewhere, and wait to sneak him into some other anxious birthday recipient’s yard.  So in starting my new blog tradition, I have put my name and birth date on Mr. Gnome.  Every year I will give one away .  Please don’t let me forget.

Everyone needs one of these in their yard. Thank me later.

And last but not least, no summer would be complete without this:

now you don't have to worry about missing the local carnival

I give everyone a number in the order they posted and then keep adding numbers for everyone.  How many numbers you get depends on the “things to do” that you did.  I think everyone did all of the requested “things to do,” so everyone got three numbers assigned.   I can’t wait till the next one!!!!

Drum roll, please.  The winner is:

Congratulations, Sheryl Woods!!

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

 9  Sheryl 
 4  Cheryl 
17  Sheryl 
19  Gail
 8  Sarah
21  Robin
18  Gail
16  Sarah
 3  Addie
15  Cecilia
 1  Sheryl
14  Darla
20  Cheryl
 5  Robin
24  Sarah
11  Addie
12  Cheryl
22  Darla
 2  Gail
23  Cecilia
13  Robin
 6  Darla
 7  Cecilia

♪♪♪ It’s My Party And I’ll Give Away Something ♪♪♪

okay. so it's Kate's party in this picture. my party pictures were too risque!

Lesley Gore has nothing on me in the party area.  There are some mighty fine party pictures of me floating around out there somewhere.  Lots of fun at those parties.  Some pretty cool party guns (closely resembled a particular body part) and some great party get-ups.

One party in particular, and unbeknownst to me, I was graced with a big sign plastered on my back by the ever fun-loving nephews

now, you're how old?

the train engineer

that said “Old Saggy Tits.”  My poor mother finally just couldn’t take it any more and she said, “I think the baby got something on you.”   I was holding little Jack at the time, so I put my hand up on my shoulder to check it out.  And she instructed me it was down farther on my back.  Lo and behold there was a piece of paper taped to my back… which explained the big hug and back slapping I had gotten from the men-boys.

So what’s the point of all this party talk?  My birthday is coming up this  month, and I am having a big Getting Older Give-Away!  Yippee!  Let the fun begin.

All you have to do to get your name in the pot is comment on here that you follow my blog.  That’s one.  Another way is to let me know that you have subscribed to my blog, and if you haven’t already, then check the sign-me-up box to subscribe.  That’s two.  And the third way to get your name in is to put a memory or some story or some comment about me.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait!

The contest will end June 17, my birth date.  That evening I will post who won and will mail or bring your prize to you that day since I will be leaving to go to Hilton Head on the 18th.

Get to thinking everybody.  It doesn’t have to be any big comment; just something about me.  After all,  it is my birthday!

birthday balloons

The Give-Away Results

Jill with her "laptop"

Finally!!  The picture is viewable!  Jill sent me the pic of her with her “laptop,” and I’ve been trying to figure out how to get it to be an actual picture instead of alphabet soup with a few symbols thrown in for roughage.  I never know how these things work themselves out; just glad they do.

It’s been a rough week.  Not just for me and mine but for my community and the surrounding communities.  On the heels of the tsunami and earthquakes come tornadoes and flooding; fighting rages in the Mideast; gas goes up while the economy precariously teeters toward going down or flat out free falls in some areas of the country and for many people.  My heart is aching for you all, and I could cry my eyes out (just about have over the weekend).  The list is extensive that is under the heading “Heartache.”

So what does this have to do with Jill and her picture with her new laptop?  Joy.  Joy in the midst of sorrow; a smile in among the furrowed brows; an “I-hope-she-has-another-one” happy thought amid the swirling, darker worries; the glimmer of sunshine popping out on a rainy, stormy, sad, exhausted day.

For a moment enjoy the fun I had with my give-away.  Thank you all for participating; I had such fun; you all had such good things to say, uplifting me, making me smile or laugh.  I have read and reread your responses so many times I probably know them by memory.  You make my blog fun as well as feed me your strength when I have none and give me your wisdom because I don’t have much.  I love you guys!!!!

pitiful packaging

The “laptop,” as you have seen above, was an apron, a wonderful piece of cloth that covers your lap when sitting as well as standing.  I’m truly amazed no one thought of that.

The box was a little worse for wear by the time it arrived in Ohio.  I can see I have to learn how to mail properly.  The postal employees wanted to make sure that the mailee knew the mailer was a novice packager.  Here is what the tag on the outside had to say:

damaged box but not goods

The contents were intact, nothing broken.  The balloon I had put in there was still blown up, perhaps not to its full balloon girth, but a nice, cheery, round-bellied blue surprise.

balloon to cushion the goods

In one package was her apron “laptop,” and in the other package was a sugar cookie candle.  You saw the rest of the fun stuff:  a photo album which will go perfectly for her pictures from their beach vacation; a key holder that says “Be Happy,” a car coaster with flip flops all over it.  She said she loved it all, and in fact, does look rather happy in the picture.

Jill has been through a lot this year with her battle against cancer, so I was kind of glad she won; she needed a prize for being thrown in the ring to fight cancer and coming out the winner.  It’s odd, too.  When I uploaded the numbers, her number won.  But just to make sure I actually did it correctly, I uploaded them again… and she won again.

So… I’m thinking the powers that be thought she should win this little fun give-away, no matter how small.  My birthday is in June, and I’m having another one.

Here are the results of your answers for the contest:

A Love Story and the blogs about James won the favorite blog with stories about the grandgirls, Jarred’s struggles, and my sunflowers coming in second.  Movin’ On Up and the grocery fiasco were No. 3.

Julie was first to respond (she really should get a prize for that).

The laptop guesses were great!  My very favorite was by Dymisha who said it would be  “cardboard with a keyboard drawn with a crayon.”  Now that is funny.  A laptop desk got the top guesses with Darla even adding that it would be a beach scene (since I was in Florida).  Notebook was the runner up (wishful thinking).  Gail said NONE!  (hahaha)  And then there was a toy laptop.

Some of you had NO faith in my ability to provide a laptop (you must know my finances) or even be able to sort through the comments and keep track of who said what how many times and when.  (Okay.  Now I’m confused.)  And some of you missed the opportunity to play at all!

June isn’t that far away.  Be thinking of your favorite memory of me or favorite story or favorite quote or favorite something (because some of you I only know through email or blog sites).  Don’t tell me yet… not till June.  Give you lots and lots of time.  I reserve the right to delete those most horrible, embarrassing, stupid moments, words, actions.

Hmmm.  Not much left, is there?

♪♪♪ I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it! ♪♪♪

Dudes and dudettes!  April the 1st, April Fool’s Day, is one day away.  That’s the day I announce the winner of the Give-Away!  Get your name in there!  Click on the pic!

I’ve been going through my refrigerator and have found several worthy items that could be added to the mix:  half a bottle of wine; a couple of on-the-edge-of-their-due-date Activia (very good for your digestion), a bag of frozen chocolate chip cookie dough already made into individual cookielets for your baking ease; something that looks very similar to jelly (it’s in a jar); and I’ll even throw in one of my prized jars of maraschino cherries!  Everyone that knows me, knows how I love to collect jars of maraschino cherries (although I haven’t bought any in a while).

And as if that isn’t enough to entice you, I will add to the mix some of my lovely artificial flowers for “planting” in your yard.  No watering!  Most of them look very real.  Proof in point:  my daughter who occasionally will razz me about my fake yard flowers was over here one summer day looking at all the plants and flowers in the back yard.  As she wandered around looking, she would bend down to sniff them.  One particularly lovely yellow rose was sniffed several times before she turned around and exclaimed, “That’s fake!”

Then there was my friend, Cheryl, who stopped her car on the road in front of the house one day to admire my beautiful flowers out there in the flower bed.  I said, “Get out and come look at them.” (Laughing my buhiney off the whole time.)  She got out of the car and was oohing and aahing over them until I said, “They’re fake.”  “What?! When she came over to water my many plants one summer week while I was gone on vacation, she also watered the fakies.  Even after knowing about the oh-so-real fake ones.  I’m telling you, they look better that fake hoohas.

The family tells me my Great-aunt Gladys used to put fake flowers in her yard all the time.  They also tell me, “You’re just like your Aunt Gladys.”

Aunt Gladys had Alzheimer’s.

Just a Nibble

The Give-Away is April 1.  There were some neat things at the stores today, so lucky you… I found a few for the Give-Away.   I thought you needed a little taste of what’s to come, so I took a picture.  Here’s one:

isn't it lovely?

OOPS! Sorry.  That’s mine.  Here is yours:


These two packages are just a little taste of what will be in the aaa Give-Away box!  Don’t forget to click on the Give-Away image on the sidebar to enter.


The Give-Away Rules and Rewards

Today is the day the Give-Away begins.  I’m still searching for just the right prize (I know what I want), and tomorrow is another shopping excursion to see if it’s there.  You guys (my faithful readers as well as my new readers) have been and are great, and that’s why the big Give-Away.  You deserve to have as much fun as I have been having with this little blog.  So I’m looking for something that everybody (guys and gals) will like, although you may have to share some of it with your significant other or a good friend.

A preview: click to enlarge

On April 1, I will upload all the names to and let them choose the winner.  You can increase how many times your name gets put in the pot by doing all of the following giveaway funsters.  Each time you do one of the funsters, let me know by leaving a separate comment.  Now, does that sound too hard?

Here are the funster rules (the reward will be announced later).   Leave all comments on this blog (The Give-Away Rules and Rewards).  Click the Give-Away image, and it will take you back to this blog to comment .

1.  Comment to tell me you read apronsandappetites.

2.  If you have facebook or twitter, put a little post on there about the giveaway and then comment on here and let me know that you did.

3.  Subscribe to apronsandappetites.  Look on the right; there’s a place to subscribe.

4.  Guess what kind of lap top I will be giving away.

5.  And for the fifth chance to put your name in the pot tell me your favorite blog I’ve done so far.

Don’t forget to click on the Give-Away image box to the right to get back here to comment.


Coming Event: The Give-Away

the grand prize

One of my favorite blog sites,  Pink Martinis and Pearls , is having a Give-Away.  I have been having such a great time doing all the things she requested (well, actually solving the great computer mystery: how the heck do I do this?) that last night I couldn’t sleep thinking about what I was going to give away!  Lucky you!!

neat apron


You should at least show up on her doorstep and thank her for putting the idea in my head… better wait to see if the “prize” is worth it, I suppose.  Check around and you will see that one blogger has the most beautiful set of lamps, really nice, expensive lamps in her Give-Away.  I capitalize this because it is worthy of capitalization.  It will infuse you with excitement and anticipation and hopefully… more reader participation.


My quandary is what to give away and how to execute the give-away game.  (I do so love games.)

you WILL like it

I’ve been asking around at some of the blog sites, looking on line for ideas, and checking out the how-to sites.  I am so excited!!!

Any give-away ideas?