The Resurrection of Mac

The Mac is alive!!!  Kyle, my go-to friend who can figure out any and all computer problems, has succeeded in reviving it.  Not only has he got the Mac working like a Mac, but he has also got the Windows for my court reporting software working properly.  Now… I have to reinstall that software.  Hmmm.  Wonder if I should just take it over to the master or try to do it myself.

Tommi, the tower, has slowed down, again, as though she reflects her owner’s stamina.  Jerk.  Just let her try that after I’ve got my Zumba routine down and am moving around like a young IPad, whipping all over the place with all those apps.   The other laptop, Lenny, won’t get on the internet for some reason.  I thought it was the internet server having problems until I plugged it in to Mac.  He works just fine.  So… it must be something wrong with Lenny’s (Lenovo) insides.  I had tried to delete some stuff from the major gut place, and thought that had totally messed him up, but blessed Kyle fixed it.  And Len worked okay until I upgraded Firefox.  How could something that simple keep me from getting on the internet at all?!

I am almost back to being thankful.

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