No Expectations

It’s easy to tell that Hilton Head will be on the horizon before too long.  The laughter and hilarity is rampant in this awesome new van of our sweet friend, Terah.

We’ve already discussed having to tuck Lisa in bed (I can’t give the details)(oops! I was supposed to change the names of the innocent and not-so-innocent).  “Who’s going to bring me my coffee in the morning?!”

The topic on Darla going G. I. Joe since her emergency appendectomy along with the benefits of wearing or not wearing thong underwear (and the reasons for or against wearing thong underwear) have been, to say the least, informative.

I’ve already had my nap and tried to comprehend how to “flush” the door as I exited the vehicle for a pit stop at McDonalds.  That train of thought shouldn’t be too hard to follow.

Geri is our official cleanliness inspector.  After several years of going now, only Darla is Rambo enough to room with her, standing up to her demands for at least one more shower or bath before bedtime.  Geri also washes our clothes every night which is a good thing since Commando only brought two pair of underwear.

Everything is funny!  The near head-on collision with a bird has kept the two up front in stitches for miles.  The two in the middle are getting ready for a midday snooze.  How could they not?  Those seats are recliners!!!

And me?  I am once again back in my cubbyhole enjoying the show.

Ah, the throwing off of stress.  We go together expecting nothing from one another… and give each other pure, unadulterated fun.


2 thoughts on “No Expectations

  1. well…very good post……hope you are having the time of your life…..Just wanted to let you know what is going on down the street..or maybe up ….anyway West Posey. A friend said they drove by a house yesterday…some poor guy out in the yard….wet with sweat, and looked like his pants went falling down…he couldnt work for pulling at them to keep them up. Didnt recognize who they were talking about until I seen this man today at FBC. Wow….he looked bad…I bet he has lost 10 pounds…..I ask where is the lady …she is on vacation..I said are you ok…you look bad…He said I am so tired from trying to do that honey do list and havent been able to eat, and I am just exhausted. Goodness…he said he may have to call someone to come in and cook a meal for him….Poor guy was too tired to even get up off the pew to give a little old lady a hug today….HURRY HOME…BE SAFE…


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