It’s that time of year again!!  The Hilton Head Hogbottoms are getting ready to head out east.

If you are looking for a good family vacation, Hilton Head is the place to go.  The beaches are clean and family-friendly.  The sign before entering the beach has all the rules and regulations and most people abide by them.  No alcohol is allowed on the beach, but there are some people that have it in cups or snuggies.  However, there are no drunks or couples lollygagging all over each other.  Just families having a good time.

Terah geared up for a morning beach ride

Although we didn’t play miniature golf, there are several really neat places to go.  Pirate’s Island Cove is one of them.   Adventure Cove is another great one.

Bike rentals are a big thing because there are awesome bike roads for riding.  A person can go all over the place on a bicycle!

floating tricycle
floating tricycle

Renting sailboats, big-wheeled floating tricycles, jet skis, or opting to fly high with parasailing are all available.

The food is fantastic!!  And, of course, we always take the 45-minute trip into Savannah.  Good, good food there!

There are the sea tours for sighting dolphin or kayaking for a close look at the local sea life.

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