The times of my life

oysters rockefeller

oysters Rockefeller

Tonight was the Old Oyster House, or something like that.  So, of course, we had to have oysters.  How can a person go to an oyster restaurant and not have oysters?  It’s sacrilegious!!

So we ordered Oysters Rockefeller.  And they were pretty doggone good.  As was the stuffed flounder and the most delicious chocolate mousse in an almond meringue basket… and the creme brûlée.  I so love desserts.

Then on to the movies.  We are going to OD on movies this week.  We’ve already made our minds up and we are not going to feel guilty!  Tonight’s movie was Heat.  It was great except for all the cursing.  Very heated words in that movie and also very funny.  LOLed rather loudly, but so did a lot of other people.  Really.  It was a laugh-out-loud movie.

Good times tonight.  Simple times.  Trying-something-new times.


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