Our Best Gift for Christmas this Year!

Some years are just better than others.  This is one of those years.  Good things are happening to make us smile.  And this little gal is one of the best:Nia Nia, Maci, Owen

Her name is Nia Martin, the daughter of Wes and Amanda Martin, born the 6th (I think) of November.  She has grown so much in just a month!

We love her beyond words.  Her brother and sister are totally in love with her!  The cousins especially love her.  Sam told his daddy that he is even willing to give up all his Christmas presents this year if they can get a baby like Nia. As the boys were discussing this with their Mawmaw Dar, she pointed out that not all babies are as good as Nia is.  And Jack piped in that they sure wouldn’t want to end up with one like Maci.  The screamer.  Ms. Bossy Britches. Lover of Little Nia.Maci and little Nia

Maci and Baby NiaWho knows?  Maybe with a little tutoring Nia will turn out just like her big sister Maci, and the boys won’t quite be so happy with her then.Owen, Sam, and Nia


2 thoughts on “Our Best Gift for Christmas this Year!

  1. She is beautiful Brenda! There is just something about a baby that melts EVERYONE’S heart! Then they grow up lol! Just kidding I love everyone of my girls every age 🙂


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