Little Red Hen’s Babies

butternut squash

butternut squash

It’s almost time.  Time for my little babies to find a home.  Time for someone to adopt them and care for them and reap the rewards of good parenting.

They are used to lots of attention and babying.  As they should be.  After all, they are my babies.

Last year, before enjoying a delicious oven-roasted butternut squash, I took out the seeds, washed them, and dried them.  Then I put them in a brown envelope and labeled them.

This spring, after researching a bit, I made up some potting mix.  Lucky for me I have a friend who has horses.  Which means I have plenty of manure to mix in with my peat moss, perlite, and Epsom salt.  I shall forever hereafter feel completely different about a horse’s ass.  They aren’t all bad.

Next I got the seeds out and planted them.  My name should be Little Red Hen.

Since my sweet husband got me the coveted greenhouse for Christmas a year ago, at the first of March I planted my darling seeds from last year’s meals and desserts.  It was still cool at night, so my husband put a heater with a thermostat connected to it.  Everything was ready.

The first babies to pop their little heads up through the dirt, some wearing their seed as a hat or in folded leaves as though praying, were the butternut squash. Little Red Hen's Babies Next came watermelon and cantaloupe. Little Red Hen's Babies

praying cantaloupe

praying cantaloupe

Little Red Hen's Babies


Lemon cucumber was next.  Along came my cute little okra wearing the hard, round seed on their heads.

But where were the tomatoes?  I had to buy seed for those because I couldn’t find the seed I had saved from last year — or maybe I didn’t save them — but the dirt was just sitting there, empty.  No little baby heads poking up through the dirt.

Finally, on a day that I forgot to open the greenhouse and it got about 120 degrees in there, they popped out.  Tomatoes do love the heat!  So now, I have baby tomatoes growing into beautiful tomato plants almost ready for adoption.

Such a bittersweet time here at My Babies Nursery.

Little Will and the Clan

Momma and newborn Will

Momma and newborn Will

Just because I think he’ll have to be a wrangler to handle those wild animals that this little guy has been adopted into, I got him a pair of baby cowboy boots and a bandanna bib.  He was only 5 pounds and some ounces when he joined us, but I’m expecting the little guy to grow… and grow fast.

He was graced with some mighty tall and fine looking parents.  Good parents that just couldn’t quite take care of him, so they searched and searched and found just the right set of parents they wanted their little boy to know as his very own.  And this set of parents came with a herd of youngins that would love him and cuddle him and play with him, and, I would suspect, even someday fight with him.  A family.  A good family who had prayed for just the right son to bring into their fold.



One of these days, sooner than we like, he will be sitting on the couch with the Illinois cousins and his two sisters and big brother. But for right now he’s very content to be snuggled by whoever wants to grab hold and snuggle.



one happy Daddy

one happy Daddy

Our little guy is just that right now:  little!!  We have been used to his big sister who also comes from tall genes and looks four instead of barely two.  And she has been used to the limelight and the attention, so when Mawmaw asked her if she wanted little Will, her answer was a firm “No!”

just fine without a baby smaller than me, thank you very much!!

just fine without a baby smaller than me, thank you very much!!

The three-turned-four-child household will be going through a lot of changes this year.  A big part of those changes is from our little Will joining the clan.

What a great change!!

such a cutie!

such a cutie!



Byron, Wasana, and Sumia… as one journey ends

As a child grows out of the services of World Vision, that organization sends a packet with all the information of the new child I can temporarily adopt and help on a monthly basis.  The front of the packet says “as one journey ends… another begins.”

And so these past couple of weeks I have discovered that my little Wasana’s village has become such a self-sufficient bunch of people that they are now being phased out of the World Vision ongoing help.  How exciting for them!  And how sad for me.  Little Wasana will be 14 in September.  We began our far-away relationship when she was 7.  Over the years I sent small gifts (stickers, pencils, hair clips, etc.) for which she would always send a big thank you and tell me about getting them.  She went from an unsmiling, scared-looking little girl to one with a nice school uniform and a beautiful smile.

I will miss her updates and her letters.

Before Wasana was Byron from Ecuador.  He and I only had three years together before he grew too old for the program.  I still pray for him as I am sure there are many opportunities in Ecuador for a young man to be lured into a harmful and dangerous lifestyle.

And now… little Sumia comes across my path.  From Bangladesh.  Her picture depicts sad eyes, very short hair (Ava and I thought she was a boy at first) and no smile.  I am already worried about her and glad I will be helping her, perhaps even bringing joy to her little face.  Her picture is on my computer where I can see her everyday, prompting me to pray for her every day.  Which then prompts me to pray for Byron and Wasana.

Children I love even though I have never met them.

There have been incidences wherein I absolutely knew people were praying for me.  I could feel it in my soul.  And so I have asked the Greatest Lover of small children, Christ, Himself, to allow these children to feel the prayers that I am praying.

May it be so.

Our Best Gift for Christmas this Year!

Some years are just better than others.  This is one of those years.  Good things are happening to make us smile.  And this little gal is one of the best:Nia Nia, Maci, Owen

Her name is Nia Martin, the daughter of Wes and Amanda Martin, born the 6th (I think) of November.  She has grown so much in just a month!

We love her beyond words.  Her brother and sister are totally in love with her!  The cousins especially love her.  Sam told his daddy that he is even willing to give up all his Christmas presents this year if they can get a baby like Nia. As the boys were discussing this with their Mawmaw Dar, she pointed out that not all babies are as good as Nia is.  And Jack piped in that they sure wouldn’t want to end up with one like Maci.  The screamer.  Ms. Bossy Britches. Lover of Little Nia.Maci and little Nia

Maci and Baby NiaWho knows?  Maybe with a little tutoring Nia will turn out just like her big sister Maci, and the boys won’t quite be so happy with her then.Owen, Sam, and Nia


I’ve Been Nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award

I’m so excited!!  I’ve been nominated for The Versatile Blogger award.  So I don’t win a trip to any exotic location or even win some kind of cool prize, but what I do get is the respect and accolades from my fellow bloggers! And the opportunity to let you know that!

The rules for receiving the Versatile Blogger Award are:
Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them in my post.  So thank you ever so much whenquiet!  I love her stuff; she is such a unique personality.

Share 7 things about me:  [1]  I love to give gifts (wish I had lots of money and time).  [2]  My middle name was misspelled on my birth certificate, so I have been assuming an alias all my life.   [3]  I am in the 68% of women who say they weigh less than they really do on their driver’s license (but that is my goal weight).  [4]  There are several secrets I will take to my grave.  [5]  My life has been one long exercise in procrastination and consternation (one exacerbates the other).  [6]  Gee whiz, there’s not that much to share that I haven’t already told everyone.  At least not that I can tell on a public forum… or willing to tell on a public forum.  Oh, here’s one.  I am not an exhibitionist, therefore, no public forum sharing of non-public thoughts or events.  [7]  I have a dream, a hope, a goal of someday attaining peace.

Pass the award on to 15 more bloggers.  This is easy.  There are just so many good blog sites out there.  Some are over on the widget (right-hand side) of this blog.  And you will see some of the others today.

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And last but not least:  Tell the nominees, those I am nominating, that I have done so.

Enjoy these sites!!

Giving It Back

Brenda from Kenya

‎”If you can’t hold children in your arms, please hold them in your heart.”

Mother Clara Hale

Isn’t she just the cutest little thing?  This is my sister’s adopted daughter via Trinity Global Development, a group their church is affiliated with.  Dar gives a set amount of money each month and can send Brenda (I LOVE her name) gifts as well.

Wasana Supan in Thailand

And here is my little adopted daughter!  I met her through World Vision.  Before her was a young boy who has now grown old enough to  exit the program.  I send $30 a month and can send small gifts such as stickers, a bracelet, anything that will fit in a 5×7 envelope.

My friend, Crystal, has at least one child she has adopted through World Vision, and my friend, Sarah, has a child she has adopted through the organization Only Believe Ministries.  It is a local organization that is in the process of raising the money for an orphanage.  A great group to plug into!!

These are just three organizations.  There are many.  We can help children in our own homeland to those far away.

I am blessed.  And I want to give it back.

What about you?