The Hula Hoedown

Yesterday Tish, Nate, and Kate all had birthdays.  Of course, the only one that matters anymore is Kate.  She’s the princess.  The other two are older and getting older.

She wanted a Hawaiian pool party, so we dug out the grass skirts and the leis and the Hawaiian paraphernalia and had us a good ole Hula Hoedown.  Since all the kids swam from the moment they set foot on the property until their parents forced them to go home, they had to take their grass skirts and flower/shell leis home with them.

After everyone was gone, Kate said it was a great party.

Which is better than the tooth fairy did for her.  She lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago.  She didn’t want money; she wanted fairy dust.  So Kate’s good little Momma conjured up some fairy dust (silver and white glitter in an awesome tin box) and left it for our little pumpkin.

The next morning when she came over here to her Gigi’s, I asked her what the tooth fairy left her, and Kate said, “Fairy dust… but it didn’t work.”

“How do you know it didn’t work?”

“I sprinkled it on my feet, and it didn’t do anything.”

Aw, man!

But she was still happy with it.  I got a sprinkle when I went over to visit the next day.  And it worked for me!  It made me very happy!

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