My parents ran a grocery store all the years I was growing up and finally retired after the grandchildren started coming along.  My older brother and sister along with my younger sister and I lived in that store almost as much as we lived at our home.  We were either sneaking candy or cigarettes or stocking shelves or slicing cold cuts or shinnying up the metal poles out front or running the cash register and sacking groceries or cleaning, always cleaning.  Sometimes we went with Dad to deliver the groceries to people around town.

A sweet friend brought me a piece of the store the other day in the form of a fan.  Of course, way back in the 50s people were just beginning to buy air conditioners, so there were a lot of fans around.  Most businesses had them made to give away.

Like this one:A lot of fans as well as calendars for businesses had a religious theme with their information about their business printed somewhere on it.This took me down the Nostalgic Pathway!  Those were good, good days.