This summer I took the grand girls and my great-nephews to the zoo.  It’s not a big zoo, but it’s a neat zoo, our local zoo.  Since I didn’t bring my camera, I tried out my new iphone camera.

How cool are giraffes?
checking out the otter
watching the otter
the mighty cats lazing around
the kids looked like tasty morsels… or just bothersome
at the monkey cage… wait! what kind of monkeys are those?
two cuties
the peacocks owned the place!
just too pretty not to get a picture of royalty

The following picture is Z rated for “Zombies in pic”

a photo shot with my phone… that didn’t turn out all that great
there were some batty creatures encountered
now these are a couple of batty kids!
just a little monkeying around
my little monkeys
it’s been a long, fun-filled day

When we got back from the zoo, Jack had the backyard all portioned out as the ape jungle.  The deck was the little apes house (all the kids) and the yard between the deck and the hammock (Momma Ape’s house, me) was where the lions lived.  Let me tell you, I came close to getting devoured by those vicious lions as I ran back and forth to care for my baby apes!