October 11 – Full Moon

full moon on a cloudy night

A full moon… an eerie cemetery… and an awesome fog machine.  Oh, yeah.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  It will also go well with my pumpkin head man.  He has little battery lights for his eyes that look so cool when it’s dark.  He’s a little skinny because, well, he’s actually dead, so I didn’t think he should be fat.  Nate and I had a great time this afternoon getting him all ready to go.  If you look really closely, you can see the electrical tape holding his hat together.  But from the road it looks just fine.

pumpkin man

I took a little time today and planted a few things in an old wheelbarrow that I have.  It turned out sort of nice.

scarecrow and wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow planter

And… I’ve already got trickers or treaters at my door!

trickers or treaters

This Halloween has been a fun one.  Kate decorated the two pumpkins I brought home with some plastic face pieces.  One is of her and the other is of Logan, her future husband according to Kate.  I don’t think Logan knows this yet.  The night of tricking or treating I will be a vampire.  I can hardly wait.  Even now I vaant to suuuck your blooood!

So unteel vee meet again, enjoy zee full moon!

pumpkin full moon


9 thoughts on “October 11 – Full Moon

  1. You saved the best for last!!! Your wheelbarrel planter is BEAUTIFULl!!! I don’t know of anyone else that has as much FUN as you do at Halloween!! I so look forward to trick or treating just to come by your house!!!


  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the wheelbarrow planter!! You really go all out for Halloween girl! I dont’ do a lot because it is a lot of stuff to store only to use for one month. But I have some cute things.
    I need a wheelbarrow planter!!! I could use it out back by the fence in the summer, then for Halloween! Well, maybe can find one at the Covered Bridge Festival this weekend! The search is on! I love your Halloween blogs. Sounds like you have so much fun! And you be nice to little Dar!!!


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