Is It The Full Moon?

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, 44

Click on the link to read her story.  It’s not pretty.  She’s one of the big whigs in the CDC, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; in charge of $1.5 billion fiscal allotment for Terrorism Preparedness.  Is that what made her do these things?  Or is it the full moon?

Two Amish Men

Here’s another unsettling tidbit of information for you.  The Amish?  The ones who wear their differences from the outside world on their shirts with no buttons?  Are they not so different after all?  Or is it the full moon?

Hana Grace

The book that was used to kill13-year-old Hana Grace was written by an Amish preacher.  It tells how to beat your children starting at age one.  Some of you may have heard of it: To Train Up a Child.  It was also the torture inspiration for little Lydia and Sean.  Do these people use God as their reason to torture and kill young children?  Or is it the full moon?

Lucky Little Mattie

Ah, and then there’s little Mattie whom I follow on his parents’ web site From the Heart.  I can tell you it is not the full moon that has directed their path.  It is the Son.


4 thoughts on “Is It The Full Moon?

  1. Awwww…..BB. just me and you still up at the early morning hour
    I know the Son you are talking about…He will always outshine the moon.
    That full moon is one of my favorite conversations. Keep writing,, love you


  2. Brenda , I long for the time gone by , when our children were raised by Mom at home and everything was safe and there weren’t such crazies out there. What is happening? We have turned from our God. David says that it is just because we HEAR about it all now with all the media.
    No, I dont’ believe so. It is much worse today. It’s a scary world. I’m so thankful that the Son shines on me and shelters me from such dark moons.


  3. I only remember going two nights! Some houses we hit twice because their stuff was great! It was so much fun; we ran all over town. Good carefree days. I, too, think the world is much worse. Never, ever did I hear of school shootings when we were all in school.


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