Scaring Darla

One of my family’s favorite past times is pranking each other.  Some have been just absolutely horrible (Davy) but most are just fun.  Oh, the tales my family can tell on my sister, Darla.  I knew the hand and foot coming up out of the “grave” pic would scare the snot out of her.  (The snot comes running out because a person is crying hysterically or screaming his/her guts out.  Guts come out because the screams are so loud and violent all the guts are pushed up or down… and then out.  I haven’t determined whether it is actually up they come out or down.  Either way,  I have never had to scream my guts out… just almost.)

Darla has not only screamed her guts out and had snot running out but has also been so scared she has wet her pants.  Well, I think that’s true.  I don’t see why she wouldn’t have wet her pants since guts and snot were coming out.  It only makes since that pee would come out along with everything else.  I don’t believe she has pooed her pants, but how could one tell with all the guts?  I do know she has been so scared she has temporarily lost her marbles.  (Marbles/brains/cognitive thinking is totally absent for a short period of time.)

One such occasion was the day I came to get her to go wherever it was we were going.  It was Halloween Day or maybe week, but I had been driving all week with this fake hand and arm sticking out of my car.  (It was just so cool.)

fake hand and arm

As Darla came out the garage door, she could see this arm and hand hanging out the back of my vehicle.  She started screaming and pointing and almost scared the snot out of me!  I was yelling, “It’s fake! it’s fake!”  But she just kept screaming and pointing and, I’m thinking, crying.  Me:  It’s fake!  Dar:  explosive screams.

She finally settled down, and I settled into laughing so hard that I’m fairly certain I did actually pee my pants.  Darla did not think it was that funny.  (But it really was.)

One of her most memorable moments of scared to the point of “flight mode” was the time she came down to the house when the kids were all smaller.  Nate had a fake white mouse that was attached to an orange glove.  (I am dying laughing even now.)  When she came in, I said, “Hey, look at Nate’s little pet mouse.”  She is terrified of mice (as I am frogs) and immediately started screaming.  I said, “It won’t hurt you.  Nate wears these gloves so he can keep a good hold on it.”  (Oh, gosh, wait a minute.  I may have to go tinkle.)  Darla just screams, “Get it out of here; put it up.”

fake white mouse

Which in little boy language is SIC!!  Go get her!  He was chasing her quicker than a mosquito sucks blood. (It is Halloween.)  And she ran all over that house like I’ve never seen her run before with Nate right behind her wiggling that fake mouse in his gloved hand and me yelling above the din, “It’s fake!”  She ran up the steps to the bedrooms and into a closet, slamming the door behind her and holding the knob so no one could get in.

I was laughing so hard.  I mean, really, I truly was trying to help.  It was hard, though, while bent over laughing like a hyena.  I ran right behind them yelling “It’s fake!” as best I could over her screaming “Get it out of here.”  After she got in the closet, I would like to say reason set in, but it didn’t.  We eventually had to confiscate the mouse-glove (Nate did not want to give it up) because, even though by then she knew it was not real, she had already worked herself up into a state (of insanity) and wouldn’t come out until I promised I had put the thing up where he couldn’t get it anymore.

Then there was the time in the shopping mall…

12 thoughts on “Scaring Darla

  1. OMG!!!!! I’m laughing sooooooooo hard I’m crying!!! Trying not to pee my pants or have the snot run out my nose!!!! She is soooooooooo gonna get you Brenda for telling all of this!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! Darla I’m right with you on the mouse thing….Can’t atand them!!!


  2. p.s. You must have had the best time recalling all of this!!! I can just see your neighbors looking across the street at you laughing your head off!!!! Probably thinking…..that poor, poor Brenda….she’s lost it for sure now!!!! All not knowing you were having a blast in the past!!!!


  3. oh, I can laugh now….but going through it was rough! You’re right, you do loose your marbles for a moment when you get all worked up or “get the snot scared out of you”. I think those memories will live for ever! 🙂


  4. If I scared MY sister like that, she’s never speak to me again! haha She doesn’t take well to pranks and teasing. Poor little Darla!
    I remember as kids going out FOUR nights to trick or treat. go all over town! Get a big paper bag FULL each night of candy! I remember my dad inviting each one in and trying to guess who they were. ( Back then, we REALLY went all out on dress up!). Those days are gone forever.


    • Well, I only remember going two nights, but we went to all the same houses again the next night, or so it seems. Maybe we just hit up the ones we missed the previous night. I can remember going in and the adults trying to guess who we were. Jeez, I don’t even know half the kids now. Every year if it’s warm enough I sit outside and talk to all the kids. One year I had a witch that would move at noises. Such a hoot. This year I have the moving, laughing broom. Those were good, fun days back when, weren’t they?


  5. Brenda, you should watch the Halloween segment on QVC. They have the COOLEST Halloween things! Unbelievable stuff! And not that bad priced either. You could look on their site for the times I guess, but probably too late this year.


  6. One year DAvid , my college friend Jenn, and I went to Nashville to visit Deb Cox and her mom.
    Well, Deb wanted us to go to this big haunted place. It was in an old abandoned K Mart building.
    HUGE! We went in there. Made Jenn go first. It was pitch black. People jumping out, grabbing our legs, lights flashing, swinging bridges with people underneath grabbing, dead people, rooms with no exit….One guy jumped out and Jenn hit him with her fist!!! hahaha I should have known, when the sign outside said “No hitting the employees” LOL It was just a natural reaction when he jumped in her face! We were TERRIFIED. But it was soooooo fun. Deb wanted us to go to the one in the cemetery, too, but we passed on that. She said ghouls chased you thru the woods. NOpe, want no part of that.


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