Halloween House

My little pumpkin family

Ever rode a broom?

Orange and black

We Kin Sin... take that any way you want.

just waiting on the full moon to finish the digging out task!!

One Halloween before James and I got married we went to the cemetery and looked at the tombstones (I know they’re called monuments now, but I love that word) to come up with some ideas for a party we were going to have.  If you’ve never perused cemetery headstones, then you should.  They are so interesting!

We eventually came up with these ideas.  I haven’t used them in years, and thought this year would be just right.  Kate helped get the “bones” out and decorate everything.

Not too fancy; I’m not really talented in the artistic department.  Anybody out there got any cool decorations?  Send them this way and I’ll post them.

7 thoughts on “Halloween House

  1. I don’t even want to comment on that hand and foot comiing up out of the grave! It’s still to much for me to even look at it! 🙂 (thinking of the hand sticking out of the car door when you came to pick me up)


  2. I told Nate I’d see the photos here first. He was telling me about decorating the yard and said he’d send pics (which made me laugh out loud). 🙂


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