The Pink Hot Rod

Ken and Barbie

We had all the cousins together again today.  They did all sorts of fun, summer things.  Swimming, of course, was a biggie as well as driving the Pink Hot Rod a/k/a Kate’s Barbie car.  All Dar and I could think when Owen and Maci were in the car was Ken and Barbie.  He has the blonde Ken good looks, and she has the hair half way down her back plus the Barbie beauty.  It was a hoot watching them drive all over the driveway in that pink car.

Bossy Maci

As you can see, they have picked up a hitchhiker.  Maci already has that woman-almost-at-the-wheel attitude.  That girl knows how to boss, now.  Gets it from her Mawmaw.  Owen is just happy to be driving, and, like all other men, has totally tuned Maci’s little, er, loud voice out.

"I thought I told you to go this way!"

And once again, just like a man, Owen has had selective hearing.  The little hitchhiker, Sam, is aghast at the nerve of Owen, deliberately going the opposite direction and defying Ms. Maci!  I can only repeat:  That is one tough, bossy little lady (again, she gets that from her Mawmaw Dar).

"I think I've had about all I can take of this girl's mouth."

Usually Owen likes everything to be blue… or at least he did there for awhile.  The fact that this was a pink Barbie car did not deter him one bit.  I have to say they both practiced their future life parts very well, and this picture pretty well says it all.  I’m quite sure I’ve viewed this very same scene in adults.

And off they go... fighting over the radio or the steering wheel or who's in control or...

They enjoyed themselves immensely in the little pink car.  It looked like so much fun that Jack had to try it as well.

Jack squeezing his big boy body in the little girl car.

His legs were so long he had to fold them into the whole car, and somehow push the pedal.  I guess with his little toe.  He wasn’t too keen on being caught in the pink Barbie Mustang.

Jack & Sam in Barbie car

Somehow, I will make sure his friends see this.

10 thoughts on “The Pink Hot Rod

  1. Cute kids and cool car…wow. I love the little guy on the back with the dark brown tan…looks my little guy…you pull his undies off and you will be blinded by the white…I mean white. Fun stuff!!!


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