Pool Work Ahead!

It’s getting that time.  All the kiddos are asking me when I’m going to open the pool.  They are awed by my awesome slides into the pool.  If pool sliding were an Olympic event, I’m there.

It starts with “the climb.”  Up the ladder that is.  That ladder is tall, very tall, especially for a short chick.  As the crowd (of kiddos) cheers me on, I put one foot in front of the other until I reach the summit.

success!! I sit at the summit of success (or top of the slide)

From there it is all downhill, literally.  All I have to do is simply let go.  My fans cheer and encourage me (just let go for crying out loud!) until I begin my descent.  The grace of the glide is fantastic!My adrenalin pumps.  Hands held high as if riding a roller coaster, off I go to plunge into the blue, cool water.

I’m never sure what happens about halfway down that causes to me to grab my nose and start screaming.

9 thoughts on “Pool Work Ahead!

  1. Now this is funny! I don’t think I want people to know I still hold my nose when going under water. Great idea: you could charge a season pass and then you would have the money to keep the pool open 🙂


    • oooh, like the season pass idea. I could use the moolah. This thing costs a fortune to keep it going, especially this year: needs repair and painting. So… do you hold your nose when going under water? teehee


  2. I remember this!! The kids absolutely love it when you get out there and play with them!!! It so good to be….act like a kid again!!! Looking forward to good times this summer!!


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