The Gift of Seasons


Autumn is a lovely time:  beautifully colored trees; cool, crisp weather after the hot summer days; bonfires; jumping in the raked high leaves; toasting hot dogs and marshmallows; Halloween; Thanksgiving.  What fun!

Today I am thankful for the seasons of the Midwest.  We have lovely springs full of new life, gorgeous blooms, warmth after the cold, dreary days of winter, hope.

spring blooms

Then comes the summers full of vacations and swimming and picnics and laughing and shady spots under the canvas of full tree limbs, life.

sun with shades

And last but not least we have winter: a time for slowing down… until the snow comes.  Then it’s all about sledding or ice skating or building snowmen or snow forts or shoveling out from under snow.  It’s a time we appreciate that hot heat we had in the summer as we break ice to water cattle or horses.

winter scene

This weekend I am enjoying a fall party at the home of my nephew and his lovely wife.  Six children, cousins, all running around playing and fighting and having a great time.

The Tank

propane tank

One of these little darlings is sitting on my deck as I blog.  It’s bigger than I thought but not so big that it takes up that much room.  The city cut me off, you know.  I didn’t pay my $10 bill in a timely manner; pretty sure it was at least one day after the two-week-pay-or-off-with-your-head gas date.  I knew they were doing it with the water but didn’t think they were doing it with the meter rental which is what I pay in the summer months.  So when they said it was $75 to have it turned back on, I told them to just plug it or get the meter or whatever they have to do because I wasn’t paying that and promptly went home and called the propane gas company to bring me a tank or two:  one for the house for the stove and one for the garage for the couple of months I use it in the winter.

After the guys came with the tanks, we all realized I only needed one.  Well, actually the dude that knows what he’s talking about realized it, and then I saw the flame light.  So it sits out by the garage instead of right by the back screen door which is very nice.

I need to paint it with a summer scene.

summer scene

Rolling Stones mouth

Or Rolling Stones mouth.

Michelangelo's David

Or naked men.


Or a big Margarita and flip-flops.


Ah the Breeze of Relief

Several years ago I wrote a poem on a hot, sticky, summer night.  As I sat on the small, screened-in porch, the cool wind began to blow, just as it has done today, and I penned these thoughts.

THE BREEZE by Brenda Byasse

Oh, there it comes!
I feel it now.
I can even smell the changes it has wrought.
From the heated, sticky heaviness
To the first whisper of relief,
I feel it now.
And the coolness it has brought.

The trees begin their dancing,
The bushes jump around;
The leaves can’t help but falling
Laughing to the ground.
As I myself am giddy
From earth’s long-awaited breath,
I rejoice with all creation:
Joy flows from my soul’s depth.

It speaks as it caresses,
My legs, my hair, my face,
And brings with it the treasure
From a cooler, distant place.

I feel it now.

Pool Work Ahead!

It’s getting that time.  All the kiddos are asking me when I’m going to open the pool.  They are awed by my awesome slides into the pool.  If pool sliding were an Olympic event, I’m there.

It starts with “the climb.”  Up the ladder that is.  That ladder is tall, very tall, especially for a short chick.  As the crowd (of kiddos) cheers me on, I put one foot in front of the other until I reach the summit.

success!! I sit at the summit of success (or top of the slide)

From there it is all downhill, literally.  All I have to do is simply let go.  My fans cheer and encourage me (just let go for crying out loud!) until I begin my descent.  The grace of the glide is fantastic!My adrenalin pumps.  Hands held high as if riding a roller coaster, off I go to plunge into the blue, cool water.

I’m never sure what happens about halfway down that causes to me to grab my nose and start screaming.

Playing in the Rain

When I was a child, we had a ditch, not deep, in the front of our house that ran down the hill.  If we had a big rain in the summer, we couldn’t wait to get out there in it to play.  Nothing on but panties.  It was the next thing to a swimming hole, however transient it may have been.  No one had pools, at least not my friends, even the small, plastic ones like we have today.  So rainy days were great days!

Then, when it got blistering hot and the blacktopped roads were starting to melt enough to stick to your bare feet — we never even considered wearing shoes, just hopped off onto the side of the road if we couldn’t take the pain any longer — our mom might, just might if we begged hard and long enough, let us get in the water hose and spray each other for a bit.  Our mom never wasted anything, I mean anything, so that was a great sacrifice on her part to let us do that.   I have a picture of all the girl cousins outside on the concrete patio; the basketball goal at one end; the house at the other.  Posting it wouldn’t have been a very good idea because my cousins would string me up if they caught wind of it; some of those cousins should not have been out there playing in the water wearing only panties.

That was back before the days of internet child porn when people could look at half-naked children playing and think good thoughts, children having fun.  Not that those sick-minded people weren’t out there because they were I found out after I was grown, but we were sheltered from all of it.

Just innocent children playing in the water on a hot summer day.