Too Pooped to Pop

A long drive home today because of the rain.  The farther north we got, the colder it got.  We thought about turning around.

I got here just in time to get the grandgirls for the night.  Kate loved her goodies; Ava could have cared less.  After a late-night snack of fried eggs and orange chunks, it was off to bed with a good-night book: Larry the Cucumber and Sheriff Bob the Tomato, Fastest Dodge Ball in the West. Kate was out pretty quickly; Ava was practicing her new vocals she had apparently learned this week.  Something like “Pop-I do.”  She threw a Gee in there every now and then for good measure; probably so I would think she was talking about me and let her stay awake.  But sleep finally won, and she’s out like a light as well.

My head is heading to the bed to crash and burn along with the rest of me… the burning part is this stinking heart burn.  What is with that?!  Where did that come from?!  I used to NEVER get heart burn.  Is it an old fart thing?  It’s not enough I have to come home to this freezing weather that makes me ache all over; I had to bring heart burn with me.  Did you notice that I am NOT a happy camper?

I have a great story, though, for tomorrow night.  My sweet, dear self (did I hear coughing? or was that choking?  no… I think it was laughing) will be back then.


2 thoughts on “Too Pooped to Pop

  1. I know the girls were so glad to see their Gee Gee!! I’m about like you…..ready to move someplace WARM!!! See u Wed. for piano!


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