Waaaa!  Waaaa!  We are packing up, throwing away the leftover food; sacking up our goodies we bought; getting the snacks ready for the trip home.  From white sands to white snow?  Please tell me it isn’t so!!

It’s been a slow, uneventful, good time.  Maddy is brown as a biscuit; Rosemary is right behind her; and I am splotchy freckled with an edge of red.  I love it!!!  I don’t even care that my “tan” is speckled.  Or that my nose and cheek freckles are popping out like zits on a teenager.  Sitting of the evening looking off the balcony at the stars shining over the ocen is hard to give up.   Listening to the waves rolling and watching them race each other to shore is something I will miss.

But real life beckons.  Home… here I come.