A Time for Everything… And It’s Not Now

The harsh reality is I am a dork.  Wikipedia describes it as “USA pejorative slang for a quirky, silly and/or stupid, socially inept person, or one who is out of touch with contemporary trends. Often confused with nerd and geek, but does not imply the same level of intelligence.”  Although I like the description in Urban Dictionary better: “Someone who has odd interests, and is often silly at times. A dork is also someone who can be themselves and not care what anyone thinks. ”  I have also found out in my dork research that it also means “Vulgar slang for penis.”  I am so excited!  A new word to use that most people won’t know what it means whenever I yell at them, “Hey, you dork!”  teehee teehee

See what I mean?  I am such a dork.  For instance, about a month ago I decided to get all my beautiful plants from last summer (that I store in the garage during the winter months) out for a nice drink of rain since the weather was warm and rain was on the way.  I had Brandon come over and help me move them outside, fully intending to move them back in a week.  “Now, where did that week go?”  So, of course, my plants were left out longer, through a frost, and here they are today.

my poor, poor plant

boo hoo hoo hoo

Why, you ask, would anyone not pay attention to the weather and get on the stick (pun intended) to get this done?  Because that person is a dork.  One who goes through life thinking there is always at least an extra hour in the minute or an extra week in the day.  (One of the reasons I’m always late.)  Then, when the realization hits me that, no, a minute is truly that, a mere minute, I must then rush to make up for the time I don’t have that I thought I did.  Are you getting that?

Here are the beauties in their heyday.

so beautiful

This year I am trying to accomplish goals, work, “things” in a timely manner.  I have failed miserably.  But tomorrow is another day.

Which means I will be back at work.  I can’t wait to ask my guy friends, “So, how’s the dork?” teehee teehee

I just realized… if I were a guy, I would be a double dork.

I think I need Dorks Anonymous.  We’d all tell our names, ages, ranks, addresses, SS numbers…

16 thoughts on “A Time for Everything… And It’s Not Now

  1. I love you, B. I, too, am always just a few minutes late no matter what I try. I think I can always squeeze in one more thing, especially since I got ready a little bit early, and then lo’ and behold, I’m late again! Glad you had a great getaway. The weekend temps are supposed to be better, hang in there!


  2. Yes, honey, you are a dork, but I’m right there with ya! We dorks got to stick together, ya know! Love ya! And maybe, just maybe those plants will perk up with a little sunshine and water this summer. I had a asparagus fern that died in the house, little tiny leaves everywhere! I took it outside to de-pot at another time…..which never came, and after a while I saw some green sprouting up. I cut back all of the dead stuff and with a little sunshine and rain, that thing was bigger than ever. And well, I left it out over the winter (ha) and now it’s dead again. Hopefully God will see fit to shine down on it again and it will come back to life this summer as well! See, I am just like you!!! Oh, too funny!


  3. glad to “see” you made it back! you always have a gorgeous backyard paradise…i’m sure your um…casualties…will be missed, but hopefully replaced. btw, urban dictionary is very useful~ now i know i am right when i refer to my sis and a few others as goobers 🙂 so your blog is not only lovely, but also edumacational!!


  4. Oh BB……you are the master “dork” with plenty of followers!! We love you no matter what!! I have some plants I could donate to you to get you back on the right track!! I’m sure you will revive those things in no time and have a lush paradise in your own backyard!!
    Enter me in the drawings please!! I love new things! I love reading about the love you and James shared. It was sooooooooooo real!!! I’m thinking a classy lady as yourself would get an HP laptop.
    A minute ago, I knew all I was supposed to do to enter……..but……….the “dork” that I am , I have forgotten in that short little minute of life I just spent typing!!!!!


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