Today is the day the Give-Away begins.  I’m still searching for just the right prize (I know what I want), and tomorrow is another shopping excursion to see if it’s there.  You guys (my faithful readers as well as my new readers) have been and are great, and that’s why the big Give-Away.  You deserve to have as much fun as I have been having with this little blog.  So I’m looking for something that everybody (guys and gals) will like, although you may have to share some of it with your significant other or a good friend.

A preview: click to enlarge

On April 1, I will upload all the names to and let them choose the winner.  You can increase how many times your name gets put in the pot by doing all of the following giveaway funsters.  Each time you do one of the funsters, let me know by leaving a separate comment.  Now, does that sound too hard?

Here are the funster rules (the reward will be announced later).   Leave all comments on this blog (The Give-Away Rules and Rewards).  Click the Give-Away image, and it will take you back to this blog to comment .

1.  Comment to tell me you read apronsandappetites.

2.  If you have facebook or twitter, put a little post on there about the giveaway and then comment on here and let me know that you did.

3.  Subscribe to apronsandappetites.  Look on the right; there’s a place to subscribe.

4.  Guess what kind of lap top I will be giving away.

5.  And for the fifth chance to put your name in the pot tell me your favorite blog I’ve done so far.

Don’t forget to click on the Give-Away image box to the right to get back here to comment.