The Give-Away Rules and Rewards

Today is the day the Give-Away begins.  I’m still searching for just the right prize (I know what I want), and tomorrow is another shopping excursion to see if it’s there.  You guys (my faithful readers as well as my new readers) have been and are great, and that’s why the big Give-Away.  You deserve to have as much fun as I have been having with this little blog.  So I’m looking for something that everybody (guys and gals) will like, although you may have to share some of it with your significant other or a good friend.

A preview: click to enlarge

On April 1, I will upload all the names to and let them choose the winner.  You can increase how many times your name gets put in the pot by doing all of the following giveaway funsters.  Each time you do one of the funsters, let me know by leaving a separate comment.  Now, does that sound too hard?

Here are the funster rules (the reward will be announced later).   Leave all comments on this blog (The Give-Away Rules and Rewards).  Click the Give-Away image, and it will take you back to this blog to comment .

1.  Comment to tell me you read apronsandappetites.

2.  If you have facebook or twitter, put a little post on there about the giveaway and then comment on here and let me know that you did.

3.  Subscribe to apronsandappetites.  Look on the right; there’s a place to subscribe.

4.  Guess what kind of lap top I will be giving away.

5.  And for the fifth chance to put your name in the pot tell me your favorite blog I’ve done so far.

Don’t forget to click on the Give-Away image box to the right to get back here to comment.


49 thoughts on “The Give-Away Rules and Rewards

  1. although i love each one, the sharing of when you were younger, the fun with the grandkiddos/family and your new adventures, “A Love Story” is my favorite…
    i don’t expect random to choose me, bc it never does LOL, but i hope in sharing this on FB you get more and more and more readers-GO “GIGI”!!


  2. ok……..I am slow…..but I am older than Julie. But I love all of your blogs, but the Love Story was so far the best…..But I love the grand girl stories.


      • yes, i would share. today i have my hair bobbypinned back, holie tshirt on and accidently put my comfy capris on backwards, zoe has a temp and i’m running low on diet coke and my cartruck keeps breakin down…but despite all that i managed to do something right and post first…which on a day like today is reward enough! besides i like dolores 😉


  3. ok…….i posted on here……did I do it correctly. and I am going to facebook at this time. to post……..for you and for me……Hope you become famous with your apronandappetites.


  4. I loved all your blogs but really enjoy the ones about your grandgirlies. They are the cutest! Are we supposed to tell you what kind of computer you are giving away? I believe it will be a netbook and I need a new one……..


  5. I read your blog with great anticipation every day! It is really impossible to choose a favorite! Of course , like the ones that refer to our childhood. But I really liked Capturing Sunflowers, too. I have to come and see the sunflower forest!
    What kind of laptop will you give away? NONE! hahahaha or maybe a Netbook.
    I am going to FB now to refer to your blog! So give me a name in the hat!!!
    And keep writing!


    • Shoot, Gail. You get five names in the hat! I think you are already subscribed, so one for that. You guessed at the lap top, so one for that. You read my blog (I love you), so one for that; you posted on fb, so one for that; and you told me which is your favorite, so one for that. See how easy this is?


    • So far it’s very easy; there’s only four people in it. hahahaha But all I do is put down the name and how many times they entered (did the things 1-5) and that’s how many times their name gets uploaded to Get your name in there, girl. So far you have at least one. do you subscribe?


  6. I subscribe to the blogs, so each new one comes to my inbox. I get excited every time I see Aprons and Appetites pops up. It has even inspired me to get my students started blogging.

    You are going to think this is strange, but I loved the posts about Jared’s lifelong struggle. You know I forgave him long ago, but his insight has given me a new perspective to think about and pray about.

    I think you will be giving away a lap top desk. I need a new one, since Sophie unstuffed mine.


  7. I read your blog faithfully. 🙂 Since I am family….blood family, I should have some pull. Hint: The gift she will be purchasing will be something you would never buy for yourself, lots of thought will be going into it – nothing random.


      • ok – I didn’t read all the instructions before I started posting. Just did everything in order and ticked them off as I did them. I work real well off of a list – but never read ahead – not even in book club (if you know I mean).


  8. Favorite blog: Movin on up…to the bright side” I like to see you focused on these changes in your life…because they are good ones. You have more good traits than bad ones, you have more joy than sorrow (just look around), you have more friends than I do (because once they get to know you they want you for their friend…too).


  9. My favorite blog was the second one on James. I just loved hearing about him and how obviously in love you were with him. Made my heart smile.

    Laptop…yeah, right. I’m going to guess an Acer b/c my little work one is an Acer and I love it!!


  10. Yes mam, I read your blog daily! Subscribed to it after I read first post (when the Queen told me it was out) and have loved every story you’ve told!! But I would have to say the 2nd one about James…whoa. Thanks for sharing!! Love ya 🙂


  11. Posted to FACEBOOK:
    Great pictures of your “get-a-way”. Wish I was there with you but I’m having fun here in Kansas reading about the give away on your blog! I have never won a drawing but will keep my fingers crossed that I’ll be the lucky one :~)


  12. My favorite blog you’ve done so far:
    The Boy Who Lived With Monsters
    You started the blog with, “Jarred had the most loving heart of any child I’ve ever known.” That’s the way I remember him. I loved having Jarred over to our house to play with Vernon Lee. They were so sweet together and had so much fun. I sent you a picture I have of them together in the bath tub playing with ships and bubbles. Both, with the most beautiful smiles.


  13. Girl, I”m so excited about your give-away! I’m sure it will be something wonderful!! I absolutely love reading your blog on a daily basis. I know you’re having a fabulous time on your vacation, but I’m missing the long stories. Love the pic of the ocean, though! It’s snowing here today, so I’m jealous!


  14. Okay. Now, let’s see, I just commented….check. Already commented on FB….check. I am already a subscriber….check. My favorite blog would have to be those about James. It is so obvious how much love you had for him when you tell stories about him. Just the way you say his name oozes the love you had for him… check. And finally, my guess on the laptop. It has to be something quirky, I’m sure. It can’t possibly be a laptop computer….that’s just too easy. Hmmm, what would Brenda call a laptop? I’m thinking a tray of some kind or one of those laptop desks. But it’s probably even better than that!! Guess….check. All right. So put me in five times. I am so excited about this. What fun!!! I love you girl!! 🙂


  15. Well, I thought I missed it, but upon checking found I just made it! So, I just subscribed. I didn’t know you could do that. Your blog is so high-tech and professional! Next, I am commenting that I read your blog. Wouldn’t miss the chance to see what’s inside that head of yours! As for the laptop, I would guess the desk type thing with the bean bag attached to the bottom.

    Now for my favorite blog… Well the blogs of Jarred and James were so good. I didn’t even know what to comment on them. You are so strong. They all are tied for first place. But because there are days I still need a good laugh, my grand prize blog pick would be the one where you walked to the grocery store and ended up buying too much and Keely came driving down the street. I thought that was so hysterical and so you! It’s one of those stories that makes me say, hmmm… must be one of those “family things” again.

    And now I shall go facebook about my aunt’s blog and giveaway!


    • O.k. This is my facebook post…

      “Just put my name in for a give-away on the apronsandappetite blog! I so enjoy getting an inside look at what goes on inside Aunt Brenda’s mind!!!”

      And just an afterthought… maybe my favorite blog should be the one about me!!! It is so funny that you remembered the snow white story and the “Hoe” story! But I think I will stick with the grocery story as my favorite because I truly laughed out loud!


  16. Love your blog. Commented on Facebook. Already a subscriber. The Love Story is my favorite, but I loved the one about the little boy & monsters and the sunflowers…I’m thinking Acer Netbook which I would gladly accept. LOL

    Keep on writin’!


  17. Ok, so hopefully I’m doing this right..I always read your blog, I have already suscribed, I posted about your giveaway on facebook, I really like all of your blogs, but I always enjoy reading about the ones that include your grandbabies! My favorite was the sleepover. Sounds like you have so much fun!! Those girls are just too sweet. Hum, maybe your giving away a toy laptop. Callie has a purple one and boy does she love it!! lol Thanks for sharing all your stories with us…I also liked the one that you mentioned Bert in, she is a great gal and she is always talking about her special friends in ss class, and your name is quite often mentioned….


  18. I’m alway waiting til the last minute. lol . My favorite blog is the Sunflower one, I had planned to make one for Abby , even got the seeds last year, but didnt get them planted. I did post about your giveaway on FB! As for a guess about the lap top, agree with Robin, it will probably be something fun and completely opposite of what we think so i’ll guess a lap throw!! This is alot of fun!!


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