Bathing Suit Body

One of the very good things about vacationing at the beach many, many miles from home is the fact that nobody knows me or my fat, little chubbette thighs.  I can prance down to the beach with the knowledge that I do not care that people are making snide comments about my porkers.  The little darlings can flip and flap all they want.

That goes for the rest of my saggy, baggy little body as well.  It has just exulted in swaying in the wind while standing completely still.  Mrs. Doubtfire doesn’t have anything on me!  I have threatened Maddy that I shall wear my super bikini and stand right beside her at all times; thus the boy problem will be moot.  One gander at the granny in the get-up will be all it takes to have them running the opposite direction.

Tomorrow’s plan is to be on the look-out for geriatrics that think I have firm, supple skin.  They need to be blind, I guess.

3 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Body

  1. Don’t we all feel that way in a bathing suit? I’m so glad you put one on and are celebrating life regardless of your thighs. I’m sure they aren’t as bad as you think. We are all our own worst critic.


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