Birthday Musings

Jack and Sam

My two nephews are having birthdays March 11 and March 12.  This pic was taken last summer at Kate’s birthday party.  They are gifts to me, given to me by God, right when I needed them:  Jack first, and Sam next.  And they continue to bring me joy and fill my heart with overflowing love.  My thoughts on their births and subsequent celebrations gave rise to thoughts on birthday wisdom I have acquired over the years.

woe is me!


Don’t worry about getting older.  It’s just a number.   Huff and puff until you blow all your candles out.  Don’t forget to make a wish.  Call in reserves if necessary.

It’s your day to celebrate!  So do it however you want to.

Be creative! make it your way

celebrate overcoming fear

Don’t be afraid to do the things that are exciting.  Hang in there until you muster up the courage to finally pull the string and pop the confetti.

Dress up!
Get on your par-tay clothes and paint the town pink with friends!

girls love make-up


Get out the paint and the spray and the polish and doody up!  Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away.

stud muffin Sam

Let that special somebody make a fuss over you.  There’s nothing like celebrating with someone you love.  Or celebrating with someones you love.  Just celebrate!

don't hold back

Tell everyone what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want for a gift.  Let them know in no uncertain terms.

sweet slumber

And after it’s all over, enjoy a nice, long nap.

5 thoughts on “Birthday Musings

  1. Just enjoy all the little ones, cause they grow up and grow away …….I so wish I had made more memories with my grandchildren. Maybe they will remember all the little things. I hope …….Brenda, you are doing a excellent job of making memories with the little ones. Dont ever quit writing about it


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