Let’s Get This Party Started!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!  Today is the BIG day(actually Friday; I’m late).  It’s been good.  Lots of happy wishes for good things, presents, and a give-away.

The give-away is a summer fun package with lots of summer “stuff” in it.  Here are some quick pics I hurriedly took of everything.

get tan the easy way

can be used to keep the tablecloth from flying away, close the chip bag, seal your husband's lips...

As I was leaving Walmart, the major source of the purchased items for the summer fun package, I ran into some friends from Ridgway who gave me a great idea.  The awesome little item was already in my cart, and when they saw it, they began telling me about a birthday tradition that went on for several years among their friends in Ridgway.  But wait.  That’s further down the blog.

these things are sooo much fun! keep it handy for those quick, necessary moments when you really need to let someone have it!

First, I must tell you how very appreciative I am of my faithful blog buddies.  I now have 41 subscribers!!!!  Yee-haw!!  That is great for my little mixed-up blog, my little blog with it’s personality as dorky as me, flitting from one subject to another from day to day.

You have all made me want to continue to keep it going.  Thanks so much for your support and feedback.

And the winner is… oh, wait a second.  I forgot to tell you how much fun I have shopping for you guys, how I know you would probably never buy some of these things and how I hope you enjoy them as much as you have helped me to enjoy this blog.

you know you're going to need these.

a handy tool, even in winter for those "older" women

This little guy below was the subject of the discussion in Walmart.  They would pass him around on somebody’s birthday.  If you were having a birthday that day, you knew that somewhere in your yard would be the gnome, the yard gnome.  The person receiving the gnome would put their name and birth date on him somewhere, and wait to sneak him into some other anxious birthday recipient’s yard.  So in starting my new blog tradition, I have put my name and birth date on Mr. Gnome.  Every year I will give one away .  Please don’t let me forget.

Everyone needs one of these in their yard. Thank me later.

And last but not least, no summer would be complete without this:

now you don't have to worry about missing the local carnival

I give everyone a number in the order they posted and then keep adding numbers for everyone.  How many numbers you get depends on the “things to do” that you did.  I think everyone did all of the requested “things to do,” so everyone got three numbers assigned.   I can’t wait till the next one!!!!

Drum roll, please.  The winner is:

Congratulations, Sheryl Woods!!

Random Sequence Generator

Here is your sequence:

 9  Sheryl 
 4  Cheryl 
17  Sheryl 
19  Gail
 8  Sarah
21  Robin
18  Gail
16  Sarah
 3  Addie
15  Cecilia
 1  Sheryl
14  Darla
20  Cheryl
 5  Robin
24  Sarah
11  Addie
12  Cheryl
22  Darla
 2  Gail
23  Cecilia
13  Robin
 6  Darla
 7  Cecilia

♪♪♪ It’s My Party And I’ll Give Away Something ♪♪♪

okay. so it's Kate's party in this picture. my party pictures were too risque!

Lesley Gore has nothing on me in the party area.  There are some mighty fine party pictures of me floating around out there somewhere.  Lots of fun at those parties.  Some pretty cool party guns (closely resembled a particular body part) and some great party get-ups.

One party in particular, and unbeknownst to me, I was graced with a big sign plastered on my back by the ever fun-loving nephews

now, you're how old?

the train engineer

that said “Old Saggy Tits.”  My poor mother finally just couldn’t take it any more and she said, “I think the baby got something on you.”   I was holding little Jack at the time, so I put my hand up on my shoulder to check it out.  And she instructed me it was down farther on my back.  Lo and behold there was a piece of paper taped to my back… which explained the big hug and back slapping I had gotten from the men-boys.

So what’s the point of all this party talk?  My birthday is coming up this  month, and I am having a big Getting Older Give-Away!  Yippee!  Let the fun begin.

All you have to do to get your name in the pot is comment on here that you follow my blog.  That’s one.  Another way is to let me know that you have subscribed to my blog, and if you haven’t already, then check the sign-me-up box to subscribe.  That’s two.  And the third way to get your name in is to put a memory or some story or some comment about me.  I’m so excited!  I can’t wait!

The contest will end June 17, my birth date.  That evening I will post who won and will mail or bring your prize to you that day since I will be leaving to go to Hilton Head on the 18th.

Get to thinking everybody.  It doesn’t have to be any big comment; just something about me.  After all,  it is my birthday!

birthday balloons

Miss Maci Grace

Maci hitting Mom

Miss Maci Grace wasn’t too happy when all her birthday party guests started singing Happy Birthday.  She just couldn’t get her little mind wrapped around being two, I guess, and finally lashed out at the closest person around:  Mom.   Waking up before seven and being on the go all day may have contributed to the almost-two psyche and ability to be charming as the guest of honor.

Getting ready to be 2

Sometimes life is just hard when you’re only two.   Sort of like it is when you’re 32 or 42 or 52 or 62 or …

Birthday Musings

Jack and Sam

My two nephews are having birthdays March 11 and March 12.  This pic was taken last summer at Kate’s birthday party.  They are gifts to me, given to me by God, right when I needed them:  Jack first, and Sam next.  And they continue to bring me joy and fill my heart with overflowing love.  My thoughts on their births and subsequent celebrations gave rise to thoughts on birthday wisdom I have acquired over the years.

woe is me!


Don’t worry about getting older.  It’s just a number.   Huff and puff until you blow all your candles out.  Don’t forget to make a wish.  Call in reserves if necessary.

It’s your day to celebrate!  So do it however you want to.

Be creative! make it your way

celebrate overcoming fear

Don’t be afraid to do the things that are exciting.  Hang in there until you muster up the courage to finally pull the string and pop the confetti.

Dress up!
Get on your par-tay clothes and paint the town pink with friends!

girls love make-up


Get out the paint and the spray and the polish and doody up!  Put on your dancing shoes and dance the night away.

stud muffin Sam

Let that special somebody make a fuss over you.  There’s nothing like celebrating with someone you love.  Or celebrating with someones you love.  Just celebrate!

don't hold back

Tell everyone what you want to do, where you want to go, and what you want for a gift.  Let them know in no uncertain terms.

sweet slumber

And after it’s all over, enjoy a nice, long nap.