Gigi’s House of Good Stuff (and lots of it)

Last week I kept the grandgirls, and we did all of our favorite things.  Kate is four and Ava is on the cusp of two, in April.  One night we painted fingernails and toenails.  It is just too cute on those little fingers and toes.  Kate already had the dialogue for the envisioned scenario between her and Logan about her nails at Pre-K the next day.  He says, “Kate, what is that on your fingernails?”  Kate:  “Fingernail polish.  Gigi painted them at her house last night.”

pink nail polish

It’s pink… of course.

Some of the best times of my childhood were playing house and dress-up and dolls.  So I save scarves and gloves and shoes and purses and jewelry (use the word loosely)  for just such an opportunity.  And over the years, with all my wee friends, (and not so wee come to think of it) those gloves and hats, etc., have brought lots of laughter and fun times.

Kate and her children

Ava in purple hat

Since I now wear reading glasses, the little ones love to get them and put them on.  I’m always amused at how they look all around with those glasses on their faces.  It has to be blurry.  Ava is no exception; she adores wearing them.  She loves to sit on the couch, get a blanket all situated around her nice and cozy, and look at her book.  Oh yeah, she loves Boo, her blue bear, and his little arms, more than anything.

Kate in red hat

Ava “reading”

There is a menagerie of stuffed animals and various dolls at the house.  They are called into service to be the children and pets to a Mommy, sick and in need of medical care at the vet’s, or needing saved by a superhero, just to name a few of the play ideas I’ve been privy to over the years.

two tents are way more fun

One tent just won’t do anymore.  We must now have two, and Kate and Ava visit back and forth.  I’m always amazed at how much “stuff” Kate can get in her little make-shift tent.

Gigi and yawning Ava

Reminds me of her Gigi.

10 thoughts on “Gigi’s House of Good Stuff (and lots of it)

  1. Love this post! How blessed you are to have such beautiful young ones around you! Now just watch them grow up and thank you later for all those cherished good times:-) I have a niece who couldn’t wait to visit us so she could don my stage wigs, shawls, high heeled shoes, “up to the elbow” gloves, eyelashes and makeup….The last time I saw her, she asked my opinion about the combination of different pieces of clothing… How honored I felt! Unfortunatley, her parents have kept her away from us of late..It appears she is suffering from a form ADS and they are trying all this medicine on her. During that last visit, she wanted some distance from her Mom and Pop, and cried to come and stay with us overnight. “No!” was the parent’s response, and she was devastated. ADS should not be a reason to encapsulate a young soul. Familial networking support is also essential. To me, she will always remain my cherished niece.
    I pray for the day when she is old enough to come to me and say, “Let’s go shopping!”
    Thanks so much for your post!


  2. Brenda, I loved it , and esp. the pictures, and ESP . the last one of you kissing.
    So precious. I have a good picture of myself kissing Sam goodbye when he was not quite two. They grow up too fast! Lucky you to have them close where you can enjoy them.


  3. Anytime you are at Gigi’s house you are always looking for something to take home. I have seen my grandsons do it (Jack & Sam) and would you believe I found myself doing it. She just has so much….stuff. It is so tempting, whether it is a fresh new notebook or a candy bar that you would never have bought for yourself 🙂 Thanks Gigi! You are loved!


  4. this just reminded me of when jake was in your sunday school class, LOLOL! he was soooo excited when it was time to shop for prizes for the points he had earned. i remember he gave me one of them as a gift, he just knew i needed a wall clock 🙂 (he was so proud to give me something he had earned, it was so sweet!)


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