By Brenda Byassee for the Wedding of Wes and Amanda, 2001

Written as a Tribute to the Marriage of Jack and Charlene Martin


Commitment begins like a spring,

Bubbling gently from the deep recesses of our souls.

It’s that first awareness of love,

A little frightening yet exhilarating.

The first look of recognition as your eyes meet across the room.

It’s that first decision in your heart.


Commitment ever so slowly rises to the surface,

And pools there,

Prodding, pushing, moving, changing

From that first bubbling of the spring into a beautiful pond.


It’s the knowledge that she’s the one;

That certainty that you want to share the rest of your life with him;

That feeling of deep caring and passion;

The seeking of God’s will and God’s ways.

The ripples in the pond of commitment

Stretch and test its boundaries

Causing the growth of a deeper, fuller lake:

Honor, respect, enduring love, forgiving heart, pride in each other.


And so it goes with commitment,

Until one day its ocean waves

Tell the story of those promises kept, trials met,  joys felt,

Love unfolded.


The waves rise strong and fierce

Remembering when two became one.

They pound with passion

Roaring their presence.


Then, settling into a steady, rhythmic roll,

They move swiftly, overlapping,

So busy in their journey:

Children, jobs, conflicts.


Until, finally, they wash gently ashore

As the stronger cares for the weaker,

No longer remembering

There once was two.

Gigi’s House of Good Stuff (and lots of it)

Last week I kept the grandgirls, and we did all of our favorite things.  Kate is four and Ava is on the cusp of two, in April.  One night we painted fingernails and toenails.  It is just too cute on those little fingers and toes.  Kate already had the dialogue for the envisioned scenario between her and Logan about her nails at Pre-K the next day.  He says, “Kate, what is that on your fingernails?”  Kate:  “Fingernail polish.  Gigi painted them at her house last night.”

pink nail polish

It’s pink… of course.

Some of the best times of my childhood were playing house and dress-up and dolls.  So I save scarves and gloves and shoes and purses and jewelry (use the word loosely)  for just such an opportunity.  And over the years, with all my wee friends, (and not so wee come to think of it) those gloves and hats, etc., have brought lots of laughter and fun times.

Kate and her children

Ava in purple hat

Since I now wear reading glasses, the little ones love to get them and put them on.  I’m always amused at how they look all around with those glasses on their faces.  It has to be blurry.  Ava is no exception; she adores wearing them.  She loves to sit on the couch, get a blanket all situated around her nice and cozy, and look at her book.  Oh yeah, she loves Boo, her blue bear, and his little arms, more than anything.

Kate in red hat

Ava “reading”

There is a menagerie of stuffed animals and various dolls at the house.  They are called into service to be the children and pets to a Mommy, sick and in need of medical care at the vet’s, or needing saved by a superhero, just to name a few of the play ideas I’ve been privy to over the years.

two tents are way more fun

One tent just won’t do anymore.  We must now have two, and Kate and Ava visit back and forth.  I’m always amazed at how much “stuff” Kate can get in her little make-shift tent.

Gigi and yawning Ava

Reminds me of her Gigi.