A Jewel In The Trash Heap

Tonight I found a present.  I’ve been cleaning up my junky, filthy, messy office (with an apron that has huge pockets to stash stuff until I can figure out whether to toss it in the trash or reassign it a resting place till next time my office gets junky, filthy, and messy) (whew!!) and I found a brand new journal that I had bought back in my “grief-spending days.”  The great thing about this?  I’ve been thinking of journaling again.  I’ve always haphazardly journaled, but lately have been craving to write down my thoughts.  You know, the way you crave a big bowl of buttery popcorn with a crisp apple to eat with it.  Don’t tell me you’ve never had popcorn with a juicy apple?  You HAVE to try it!  It’s just too delicious.

Where was I?  My journal!  It’s beautiful!  Burgundy leather, gold-trimmed pages, a cool gold ribbon book mark.  I need to get me a new pen.  I love pens.  Good writing pens that glide across the paper.  A pen that will do this book justice, for it is inspired by a great man, Oswald Chambers, and his book, My Utmost For His Highest.  He died in 1917, but his words are as relevant today as they were those many years ago; and may even be more necessary to read in times like these.  Words to remind us to strive for “holiness of heart and life” as John Wesley has said.  Words to bring strength and direction in times of uncertainty.

Words that God wants me to read, and then write my own thoughts and words.  Maybe even say a few words to Him who woos, as the lover He is, to become more intimate with Him.  Now… I’m starving for Him.

6 thoughts on “A Jewel In The Trash Heap

  1. Ahhh…I can’t believe you have waited so long to blog. I must say, you capture our hearts, you bring us into your office while cleaning it up and we (I know I am speaking for everyone) are tickled you found a treasure 🙂 Please don’t get to carried away with that journal…that you leave us hanging. Keep cleaning! Don’t be distracted by those treasures!


  2. I have had popcorn and apples with my Grandma on Saturday nights while watching Lawrence Welk…good memories…love your blogs…:-)
    You have a great talent for writing..I am envious..I have lost that talent for a bit it seems…


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