Chameleons should have little chameleon-sized aprons.  They’re always running into something that changes what they look like… or running away from something that changes what they look like.  I’m sure if they had little chameleon mirrors, they would wonder, “Who the heck is that?!”  With little aprons, they could just whip one out for whatever need or occasion arose; no need to go through a semi-metamorphosis.  I wonder if that hurts; always changing colors that way.

My son and I are chameleons.  I had hoped none of my children (three in total) would get my chameleonism.  But he did.  We are always bumping into something that makes us think, “Aha, this is who I am!”  And so this is who we then become.  Or we meet people, and as we socialize more and more with them, our attitudes change, our values change, our way of life changes.  And sometimes, as we’ve run away from bad news, bad events, bad relationships, we just catch the first lizard passing and change as quickly as we can.  Usually not a good thing.

I’ve been living with chameleonism for many moons now and have learned to cope, adjusting to my changing personage.  After much introspection, mistakes, joys, sadness, happiness, I’ve learned to surround myself with good things and good people, uplifting music, great books, good hobbies, fun activities, God… and to let go of those things that cause the dark colors of my life to manifest.  Seems those dark colors take so long to change into those light, bright, vivid colors.  The kind of colors that make life worth living