All Because I Wanted A Baby Grand Piano

Bob, the floor guy, will be here tomorrow to start the sanding.  He’s already got the raised platform that held the wood stove out and is ready to install connecting wood pieces to the wood floor.  My job is to get all the furniture out.  So today I am packing and moving and causing great discomfort to my back and other areas of my body.  I’m not as young as I once was.

getting ready to clear the room

the accomplishment of an aching back

All because I wanted a baby grand piano

ready for the new flooring

I measured and finagled and measured again, but, no, it just wasn’t going to work with that big, raised platform there in the corner of the room; the big, raised platform that had no purpose anymore since the stove was out.  So now it’s a bare spot with jutting hardwood planks… and a note.  There is nothing like tearing away the carpet or the old paneling or a wall and finding a treasure.  A treasure from yesteryear, something that gives you a little look into the past, lets you know a detail or two about the ones that came before you; even if it wasn’t so very long ago.

This treasure was a note telling me when the house was built and who built it.  Neat.  My sister-in-law will think so, too.

my treasure

All because I wanted a baby grand piano.

6 thoughts on “All Because I Wanted A Baby Grand Piano

  1. awwwwwwwwww……………BB…….what a great day it must have been. The information for whoever was the finder…sweet memories …for Paula Jean…So happy you are doing this blog………..I love it…….keep it up


  2. I can’t imagine this is the first one of Dad’s signatures that you have found. He had this habit of signing his name or initials (JDB) to everything. I bet if you ever look at the 2×4’s, they all bear his stamp. I remember when he bought this tool to etch his name into everything metal. Every tool that used to be in his workshop had his name or initials. This made me cry, for several reasons, but mostly they were happy tears. Thanks for the memory. Please send me a picture when you get time.


    • I know it’s tough. Changes, memories. When Dave and I put sheet rock on the walls downstairs, we didn’t find a thing. I know I’ve seen some things in the garage (can’t remember now what they are) with the etched initials. 🙂


  3. Good for you, going for the baby grand. Vaguely remember your house, but cannot believe that is your living room!!! Can’t wait to see pictures of the final project.


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