Sometimes I scan through blogs, and often times I find at least one really cool one. Such was the case today.  I found this super cool, informative (unlike mine) healthy lifestyle blog called dailygarnish.  She writes about running, yoga, eating well, raising healthy children… just a good place to go when you have a few extra minutes.

It’s where I found out about Blue Apron. Blue Apron  You know how I love aprons, and you know how my cooking is supposed to be kicking off and going places (for only as long as I’ve been blogging), so when I saw this blog post about a food service called Blue Apron, I was wildly curious.

I read the article on dailygarnish then went on to Google to check out the reviews. Everything I read gave the food service a thumbs up.  So I clicked on the website and filled out the information and now I wait.  The beginning of April I will get my first shipment.Blue Apron

The delivery is everything I will need to make three meals for two people.  Three really cool meals.Blue Apron Each ingredient is measured, each vegetable is included as are the meats, each box is iced.  It includes a recipe card, easy-to-read recipe card.  Blue Apron I am so very excited!!