Oh, To Get It Right

From my Mom

From my Mom

This card was from my Mom at the party in 1981 or 1983.  I don’t know when it was.  I’ve tried to figure it out, and right when I think I have, I post a card from B. O. and Jane Young that says June of 1983.

Which explains the gist of most of the cards and letters:  I love you, you dork.

Which is also pretty much the gist of my life today:  I am a dork.

But my Momma loved me, and did right up to the day she left for Heaven.  I would imagine she still does.oh if I

This card is especially precious because of my Mom’s handwriting.  As we walk through life, or run, we have no idea how we will miss those little things like handwriting, a voice, a chuckle.

Here is another one of my cherished gifts from that day:  a long-ago picture of some neighborhood kids.

Jamie, me, and Terry

Jamie, me, and Terry

A lot of us had horses or ponies in those days.  We all played and played together: sledding down the big hills in the snowy winter, pretend ice skating with our boots in the freezing weeks, riding ponies and bikes in the hot summer, playing in the water hose or in the rain.  Gail tells it well:

Gail's letter

Gail’s letter

Gail's letter back

Gail’s letter back

Oh, the times we had as children!  Wonderful, imaginative, exciting times!

There were more letters from my Acteens youth girls and my Sunday School class, sweet letters from sweet girls who became good, sweet women, mothers, teachers of their own Sunday School classes, employees.

A time capsule of sorts.  One that I hope you have enjoyed opening.

9 thoughts on “Oh, To Get It Right

  1. Oh my goodness! You have me in tears! I remember writing that!! And I still have that picture~! We did have the perfect childhood didn’t we? We’ve all had troubles in our lives, but our childhood was a wonderful adventure every day. We were truly blessed to have grown up together. And now we grow old together and can still be in touch and be Best Friends forever! Love you still!!


    • Those days of carefree fun are gone now with all the school shootings… well, shootings anywhere you go, and all the evil that seems to abound at this time. Playing in the gullies all day, swinging on grapevines, smoking grapevines!! ewwwww, those were awful. Probably kept us all from smoking real cigarettes!! And I love you still, my friend. 🙂


  2. Oh Brenda ,I know what you mean by your mom’s writing being special to you.Everytime I come across Mom’s handwriting,be it recipes,,old checkbook stubs,cards,etc,it never fails to take me by surprise and makes me remember her.There is just something about her writing that really brings her back!


    • When my cousin Sandy and I are together, she always comments on how I laugh like my dad. Some days it shocks me to hear him as I laugh. And, of course, every time I look in the mirror, there is mom!!! Steve calls me Amy all the time. lol


  3. I was just bawling while I read the card from your mom. That was so sweet. Then I read Gail’s note! Oh my gosh Brenda, just perfect! I finished with a hearty laugh.


    • It looks like a topless bathing suit because my boob is showing, but I’m pretty sure Mom wouldn’t have let me out with my boobies out there like that. Looks like Terry has on a bathing suit too. Must have been a “I-hope-we-get-to-use-the-water-hose” days.


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