This Christmas we are going to be visited by three very cute, very small, Christmas Pixies.  I got the idea from the blog the imagination tree.  Click on Kindness Elves and you can see what I’m talking about.

Since the girls already have Elf on a Shelf at home, I wanted something different than an elf but the same concept of kindness.  Without something watching them all the time!  When this blog popped up on my News Feed on Facebook, it was perfect!

So the search began for the just-right pixies.  They had to be able to fly and be cute as buttons.  They had to have a sweet, caring face as well as a mischievous look… because, after all, pixies are full of fun and want to spread joy.  I finally found the little darlings on Amazon, ordered them, and now they are waiting to leave their notes for the girls, full of kind ideas and activities they have planned for us to do this Christmas season.  Each day they fly around the neighborhood, seeing the needs of people, and come back to tell us things we can do to bring joy and happiness throughout the month.  Of course, they pretend to be toys if we get near them. They immediately stop their whispering and giggling and become hard toys.







The little stinkers!

Each of them has a job to do.  Joy looks for things to make the girls happy during the Christmas season.



Hope looks for ways to bring hope to the lives of people in need, sad, worried, alone… you get the idea.

Faith has the job of telling the story of Jesus.  She has already gotten Bibles to give away and is planning on having the girls read the Christmas story.

All the pixies are excited about Christmas, and the girls are excited about them.  We have already found a note from Joy to start the season off right.  Since the girls love making gingerbread houses, Joy found a whole village for them to make.  It was a little harder than the big ones, so next year I’m putting in a request for bigger houses.  But we had a great time making the little ones.IMG_8479

making a gingerbread village

making a gingerbread village


Hope has a great idea!

Here are some of the ideas our pixies are planning for the girls:

Hope is on the ball... I mean cookie dough roller.

Hope is on the ball… I mean cookie dough roller.

making cards

baking cookies

visit Grandma

making gingerbread ornaments

go to a movie

give away hugs

Check back on what they are up to this season.  And leave your own ideas on here.  Let us know what you and yours are up to for the holidays.

And remember:IMG_8489

One thought on “CHRISTMAS PIXIES

  1. Well, if that isn’t just the cutest idea I ever heard of!! And the girls will be so busy and involved with the true meaning of Christmas! I love it! and the little pixies your found are just perfect! You are the toast of Grandmas!! Have fun!


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